I Know I Have Hungered… and So Have You — Madagascar — Yaman — Syria!


I Have Hungered… And so have You: Madagascar — Yaman — Syria!

I know I have hungered…

Most of all, I know I have hungered for Motherly Affection, as the daughter of an exquisite narcissist.

In a nutshell, it means that I grew up without receiving motherly affection. As if -- she wasn't, at all. And when the child doesn't receive affection, their entire system is affected. Especially, on a cognitive level. The development of the child is stunted.

This is one of the major reasons I see and feel the mother of my being: Damascus, the very place "we" call Home, so intensely.

Survival mode activates the inner mother, the mother of our being. And She -- shelters us.

What about you?

What have you hungered for?

The Rose cares.
The Rose gives away petals of magic and alchemy.

Moreover, I have been blessed.

The Garden of Roses is the colourful symphony of my mornings!

Irrespective of the season, be it scorching Sun or harsh Tempest, the Rose is.

By God, the Rose dives through the secrets of the Universe, only to bring out the best in us:


And I have hungered,

I have hungered for your silky touch.

Oh, baby, I have starved and hungered for the breath of You, the feel of You... the Magic that is You.

And one Fine Day, my soul tribe came along to save this wretched soul of mine,

struggling within the Western Desert Rose.

I know I am daydreaming on the Island called Humanity, where we are One.

Reaching out to You All,

Let us Save the Children of the World!

Let us all give a helping hand!

Or a tiny little finger as a starter, perhaps?

The ship of the World of Humanity cannot be on the edge of sinking!

We are One, and we cannot be on the Edge of Humanity!

I won't, cannot and shall not... yield to this reality.

As One, we are creating a new reality.

True Love, Heritage, Life Stories spoke the Rose.

Come along. Join me. Hear the whisper of their need, feel the tempo of their heartbeat…

On every bead of her Magic Rosary, I say a little intentional prayer for


News has it that the people of Madagascar are "depending on" cattle feed and mud. Terrible times we are living, my dearest! Terrible times.






"Had the Children of Syria extracted petrol, the World would have intervened at once."


laying my hopes amidst the petals of the Damascene Rose

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