El Golpe de Suerte – The Book Title In My Dream


El Golpe de Suerte -- The Book Title In My Dream

“El Golpe de Suerte” was the name of the book. I could see the book cover and the title: El Golpe de Suerte.

At the very heart of it lied the flamenco shoe. Red. Passionate Red.

These are details of the dream I envisioned last night.

You should know by now that I dream a lot.

I daydream.
I nightdream.

And I keep a journal of my dreams.

I make sure that I write them down, all of my dreams …

All of my visions.

This is the first step into turning them real.

And what’s very very important, I am dancing my way.

My flamenco red shoes have gently waited on the shelf of patience.

The last drops seem to be dripping away… before the very manifestation becomes visible to the eye.

To me!

And I float away.

It is important to visualise our dreams.
To cherish and embrace them.
Our dreams give us the faith and the strength to go on.

Only this time, my dreams are reaching out to me. Ebbs and flows...

I am going to indulge the stroke of Suerte and dance my way within all the drops of Good Fortune, of La Buena Suerte.

Who knows? I might have been a flamenco dancer in a past life... making my way through the streets of Andalucia.

In this life, it's Al Midan, of Damascus.

Al Midan Ghawass, the neighbourhood my father and his family descend from, right by the Citadel of Damascus, used to be a meidan for horse races.

In el flamenco, there are some leg movements of balance imitating those of the horse. An inner force had me ask one of my uncles:

"Is Al Midan somehow related to horses?"

And the answer came through:

"Yes. In the very beginning, Al Midan used to be a Square for Horse Races."

Do you see?

Our genes speak loudly.
Our cells bear the story of who we are.
We have got to lend an ear and listen.

I am the first and only one I know in the family to have ever hit a golpe of flamenco shoes. And through this dance of heritage, I bid everyone strokes of Suerte, good luck and good love -- that is.

And I am gonna hit the floor Fuerte as I twirl and whirl till I shall have uplifted myself into the arms of my dream.

In the sweet embrace of my dream.

The Dream bore the Covers of a Book entitled "Golpe de Suerte"... Waking up to this has been emotionally Fuerte. It's one of the most beautiful dreams I have travelled through, while asleep.

What I dreamed of last night translates as "a very important chapter of my life is opening."

A heart is to be my home… soon, very soon.

News are on the way.

The path and my personal mission are waiting for me, open arms.

And there's a Heart!

One Core of a Heart for this journey.

It's wrapped in velvet and it is to be unveiled to the eye, soon.

Waves of floating energies are coming towards me fast, very fast.

It feels like a veil, a warm silky veil.

It feels like magic had taken its toll.

By Divine Timing and by Divine Decree.


In the past, the Humans of My Life had known 100% where and how they stood with me.


Especially He.

I was unbalanced, at times, I was emotionally damaged, many times. And yet, never, ever, have I not been straightforward -- 100%!  He always knew what I was about.

Whereas I didn't know who they were. Not until recently when I have begun attracting New Souls into the Garden of Roses. From what I have read, it seems that I must have attained a new level of consciousness.

At present, the Humans of My Life know 100% what I am manifesting before it slips from under the curtain of the unmanifested into the Visible Realm.

Because it is the Stroke of Luck and of Love which always feels muy Fuerte.

Que te queda claro, eso es mi suerte!

El Golpe de Suerte porque El Amor es siempre lo mas Fuerte.

Y el libro de mi vida comienza con el primer golpe.

Tu corazón es mi suerte y el golpe!

Para Siempre, en esta vida y en todas mis vidas futuras….

May it be crystal clear, this is fated destiny!

Al Maktoob...

The very Golpe of Good Fortune, for Love -- is always powerful.

And the Book of My Life starts with the first golpe of the flamenco or is it, of the Heart?

Your vibrant oven heart.

Forever now, in this and all of my future lives...


And I come.

I come from a Rose, the Damascene Rose!

Photos: c) Little flamenco shoes - pastel painting, Gustavo Lopez//

Lady in Red via Pinterest

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