Beads of Drops and Heavy Cherry Rain amidst Damascene Rose

David Marcu for Unsplash -drops

Drops of Beads and Heavy Cherry Rain

Easy like a Sunday afternoon.

The first book I have ever bought in my life on motherhood in my lap, I am reading.

With so many openings of energy portals, prior to Lion’s Gate, my body is calling for yeast.

The beer kind of yeast.

I bought one. An alcohol-free Romanian beer can.

Every once in a blue while I have a beer. And when that happens, it's dark beer.

I don’t want to put my lips on the beer can.

I have a sealed straw from the library with me.

Spirit must have urged me to put it into my bag. I’d order something and I hadn’t used it.

It is not customary of me to take such things with me.

Ever since the pandemic hit, our weariness and attention to what we touch in order to eat and drink must have changed considerably. I dare say it has challenged my creativity.

And I am in the moment. Reading and drinking beer from a straw.

It’s a sweet sunny hot Sunday afternoon.

One second, one instant, one moment… it's all it takes.

One bead of drop got followed by another bead.


And then showers dropped from the heart of the sky.

Nowhere to hide, no time to move.

I hid under the branches of a thick tree.

For a few minutes, it seemed to work.

But then — the heavy rain intensified into torrents of rain.

I got wet to my very tiptoes.

My mouth shut, I could taste the rain.

The drops of the heavy rain were too frequent.

I have never tasted rain like this before.

Not salty, not sweet, not insipid, and definitely not raw.

Instead of raining cats and dogs, it was as if it rained beads and cherries around me.

The rain dropped in pearl-like drops and I was surrounded by cherries.

I couldn’t help but think of my writer friend, a wide smile on my face because he has a magical Cherry tree in the comfort of his garden. All to himself... and his red buckets awaiting the crimson cherries.

Hence, I was surrounded by beads of drops and cherries of rain.

Abundance pouring on my head, I meditated and set some very powerful intentions.

Given the circumstances, I haven’t been able to plan, but set vibrant and wishful intentions.

Maybe this is what the siege was all about!

My rising above it all, like the girl with a balloon, full of colourful intentions.


It was a totally different "in the rain scene" to that of the Duchess, Daphne confessing to the intricate Duke, Simon.

It was me and my very self getting soaked under the trees.

Yes. I didn’t have an umbrella with me. Why get it on such a sunny Sunday afternoon?

David Marcu for Unsplash -drops

Everything can change… just like that.

One instant it dropped a bead.

The bead was followed by a second bead and then showers of beads poured at once.

What a mise-en-scene!

And that’s a 1,2, no 3, baby, and Oleeeee! Between us, that was a heavy shower straight from the mother of Ole.

It was glorious!

The rain flowed rushing on everything as one thick heavy shower.

I had gotten soaked to the skin already, so I decided to walk home under the pouring beads and indulge in the lavender under the shower.

You see, to complete the scene, my mind thought lavender would make a perfect closure. A few drops of essential lavender oil blended into my shampoo.


For rain tasted life.

I have told you how I tasted the rain. How are you tasting life ... nowadays?

Photo Copyright: David Marcu for Unsplash 

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