If They Don’t… Let them… with Strokes of the Damascene Rose

let them
“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”
— Maya Angelou
let them

If They Don’t ... Let Them …

If they don’t call, let them.

If they don’t long for your presence, let them.

And if they don’t FB, what’s up… text you, let them.

If they aren’t annoyed by your absence, let them.

If they don’t yearn for your sweet embrace, let them.

And if they are hesitant about you, let them.

If they are blind to your colours, let them.

If there is never, ever, room, time or availability for you, let them.

This latter one has been one of the guiding principles of my life. Especially, with my blood relatives, most of them, by now, dots on the horizon crossroad. It must have been karmic. So I’ve been told.

If the language your heart speaks is unknown to them, let them.

If they can’t hear the drum of your beat, let them.

And if they watch you, over and over, from afar and do nothing, nothing, nothing, let them.

If you tell the truth and nobody believes you, let them.

I say: I’d like to see you … after so much time and I — let them.

I say: ‘Let’s have pizza next week’, no sign of pizza with “them” yet,  and I -- let them.

And there must be something so, so special about me, that I can barely understand why it has to take so, so long for them to move, for a friendly encounter. I am talking friends! Nothing of a personal "touch"! For that part of the …, yeah…, well, special diligence ought to be sought from the Intergalactic Superior Committee, perhaps?

I tell you there is something about the way life happens to me. And that -- makes me stick and cling, even more, to now.

Nevertheless, I've got this feeling that I am speeding on the Highway of Nows.

And the truth is, this moment is.

And I let them, I let them ... be.

"Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of ...
Let it be"  -- The Beatles

Clearing away what isn’t, I let 'now' in.

It is here, with me … and for me …


How has Sunday been, for You ... and to You?

Stay Loved

let them
let them
let them
let them

Photos: The Cismigiu Gardens -- July, 18th, 2021

The apple was part of the decor, already.

Isn't nature the perfect mise-en-scene?

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