I Heart Damascus… And You Know It


Damascus, her Tale flows with Time…


As old as Time, Damascus, 1001 textures have blended silk and velvet, patches of shiny sequin on petals of lace, the very Damasco of our beautiful rose, the Damascene Rose, to have given away stories of fairies, genies, and the very magical days of our unforgettable childhood.

The folds of Damascus reverberate…

Always caressing the forehead of inspiration with her silky breeze…

Always connected to the soil of Light of the Eternal City: Damascus.

Can you feel the beating of her heart in the very corolla of Her tempo?

My very core Muse!

Your cosy materials — covers for the soul…

The rose essential oil — the fragrance of love…


I Heart Damascus. And You Know It Already,

You Do...


Oh, my dearest, had I told you that, as we are here, you and me, I heart Damascus so much, so ardently, that I close my eyes and find my soul in one of those Damascene Traditional House, would you bear with me?

And, my dearest, do you know... how much I have missed the Hug?

That hug?

The one which comes towards you as if from the Unknown.

You feel it…

You feel a warmth stretching towards you from the womb of another galaxy.

So near it feels that it cannot be far.

And you’d reciprocate.

You would hug back.

For you have waited for that magical sweet embrace of a hug, for some time.


What are galaxies when two souls are met to meet each other as one breath?

And I am so ready to step on new soil, gently and barefoot.

So lucky I am that my toes have healthier nails now.

At last!

I can apply red lacquer such as the colour of this vibrantly exquisite Ralph & Russo dress, Haute-Couture, Spring 2014.

Lucky me!

The touch of the new soil ought to feel differently, now that I have got nails.

Thank God!

Shall we step, together, into several Damascene Traditional Houses?

Accompanied by Arabic music, for certain, the images speak for themselves. And so does my longing ...

What do you think?

Damascene Traditional Houses

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