11 Most Probably’s amidst Damascene Rose

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Eleven Most Probably’s


Most probably, there comes a time when there is no other way, but ours, our way.

As we are.

Not as we are supposed to be.

Not as we are required to be.

The very now version of ourselves… in the unapologetic unity, with our Oneness.

National Park Sand Dunes

Most probably, I can’t, I can’t be, breathe or do anything… without Love!

Not even wash the dishes… if I don’t feel Love.

I can’t be… without love.

Perhaps, this is why I have turned out an alchemist?

Giant Swing Oahu

Most probably, for sure I meditate. I meditate a lot.

All of it. All the way through. I adore walking meditation. I breathe in reading meditation.

And I indulge in the shower meditation when the water, pouring over my head, covers me and my senses release in the angelic shower of the 7 rays, the very colours of the rainbow. Every ray has a colour assigned to it. A topic I would care to talk more about soon.

Taking a shower can turn into a magical meditation of the 7 rays, apart from the watery drops of negative ions to embrace the positive ions of the residual energies we have accumulated during the day, so that any trace of negativity be released.

Benefits of all forms of meditation I practice translate into: I am and feel very grounded and anchored in my being.

Very little of what happens outside perturbs my inside.

Except for the radiant rays received from the Roses of my Life...
27 Incredible Places To Visit In Hawaii

Most probably, I couldn’t live without music. Music — activates the mind, rewires the mindset, and most importantly, abounds in keynotes of affection.

I have said it before, I’ll say it again and again, affection activates all the treasures within our being, brain, heart and root chakra.

The Teachings from the Pleiadians, Bringers of the Dawn, a book I shall care to talk about very soon, insists upon, reiterates, and magnifies the importance of affection for us, as a species, Sapiens. I am not saying we are good at it. And yet, affection activates all the codes embedded in our DNA?

Why is it that when we feel LOVE we know we can move mountains?

When the petals of our heart fully open, all the information and skills we bear are urged to pop out, like a magic rainbow spring toy. The heart -- connects all of our chakras. And the heart leads the way. Even though most of the time, we are afraid to let love guide us, we can listen to our hearts.

In Arabic, we call this tremendous philosophy, simply

Al Qalb -- the heart.

Ibrahim, gimme a bit!
That's more like it...
The tempo, the very tempo of the heart... That's the song, that's the rhythm of el flamenco, baby!

Many years ago, I didn't and couldn't speak of chakras.

Nevertheless, I have always listened to the wisdom of the heart.

For me, there has always been only one way: following the path carved by the heart... through the voice of intuition!

The keynotes of music render rays of affection and energy. Do we feel it with every sound?

For me, it activates the very senses of my going back to the story and my writing a new page. A brand new page emerged from the new system, post the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the once upon a petal, amidst the Damascene Rose…


Most probably, I have ascended into a brand new dimension of my life.

In the past couple of years, I have attracted 4 new souls.

Not 1, or 2, but four.

Being connected to my soul tribe makes me feel genuine happiness.

It has taken me a little while to reach this threshold.

I have turned 39, this summer...


Most probably, I am inhabiting the petals of this song: Arpège and it’s unleashing my very senses. Baby, it’s as if I am dancing barefoot in the Garden of Roses.

Twirling and whirling, and whirling, and whirling… till I find myself standing tall on my very place, where I have always belonged.

_ (2)

Most probably, I shall have my Garden of Roses.

Indulging the rose dew of his glowing soul… as assigned by the Divine.

I have been asking the Heavens for full guidance on this one.

It kinda beats me.

I don’t know, just yet, how the story goes… I know, 100%, I couldn't wake up side by side to a person I’d feel I need and must hide everything I write, think and feel.

I couldn’t and wouldn't want to liaise my life with a control freak, a wanna know all.

It would be too much, for me.

I can’t bear that sort of energy.

Even if hypothetically speaking, I would, I can’t. My system would suffocate and my senses wither and … dry.

When vibrations don’t match, a liaison is impossible… most probably, especially in the physical realm.

A decade ago, this subject wasn’t so much spoken of as it is today.

In the here and now, I know, 100%, I have been one of a very different frequency…

I versus the past decade = two parallel universes.

And he told her…
"Ciao, Bella!"
'Who’s Bella?' replied she.
'You, Ms Ocean!' Fares, the very Rosebud of her childhood, her home went on. (excerpt from the story I am writing) 

Yes, baby, the very place we call Home.

Now, Home is wherever our souls dwell.

Now, Home is made up of the very roses of our life.

And I can’t, I can’t breathe unless I feel the magic of the roses of my life.

Hence, I twirl and whirl, and open up to the rhythm of this song…

For I come from a Rose, the Damascene Rose. And I must breathe in... love. Don't you?

Most probably, I have changed so much during this pandemic.

Or is it that this “pause” has brought out the essence of me, my "I am”, not the “I am” I have been imagined to be, in accordance with others’ perception?

I tend to believe it’s definitely the latter one.



Most probably, I can’t do without my essential oils.

What would you expect? I have grown amidst petals.

Lavender, musk, clove, sage and mint, leaves of fragrances activating every chakra…

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Most probably, it’s all for the best.

It’s always for the best.

If silence is golden, may patience be rose amethyst.


Most probably, I am to keep on my smile. For a smile on the crossroad, has had me “welcome” a new rose amidst my soul tribe — Mr Angel 90%.

A father himself, with an incredible sense of humour, and a lovely family. I may say, a great father and an emancipated sapiens, himself.

Special Humans and Honourable Roses of the Garden of Roses.


The rest of the 10% unimprinted on the blouse are the odds.


Or as the movie title has it: Aşk, Tesadüfleri Sever— Love Loves Synchronicities

So does Life. And I am in love with… Life, 100%!

"Never stop smiling not even when you're sad, /or bored, I'd add/ someone might fall in love with you."
"Nunca dejes de sonreir nisiquiera cuando estes triste, porque nunca sabes quien se puede enamorar de tu sonrisa."  -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

You never know how ...

or what portal your beautiful smile is opening for you!

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