Two Petunias of Humanity, One Miracle of Life


Two Petunias of Humanity, One Miracle of Life

Flowers Spring Everywhere,

they do.

And I have almost stumbled into these petunias when Violet took me by the hand and urged me to hold on to, savour the instant and take a photo of the moment.

Share it with the whole wide world.

And if flowers can spring everywhere,

from the very heart of a sidewalk,

imagine what love and humanity  

generate and give away?

Humanity sprang as two loveful violet petunias...

from the cracks of a sidewalk,

One miracle of Life! 


Hence today, violet are the Petunias of Humanity...

I believe in miracles. Do you?


Years ago, my soul... was cracked to the very extremes of dryness.

One sole moment, of seeing the Water Lily tremble from joy for spending time with me, triggered a process of deep healing.

Nobody had shivered like that for my presence.
Nobody had made me feel love, from the other side of the table like that, before.
And nobody had felt, for me, so vibrantly, till that moment, years ago.

That one moment in time would trigger my understanding, 6 months later, of many hidden answers with regard to my divorce:

We were having dinner, by Blue Lake.

He, a handsome gentleman as if popped out of a Tag Heuer magazine spread, unleashed his soul so that I could see Him, for who he is.

I couldn't see him before.

His soul was locked to himself.

A beautiful soul with a vibrant heart, a Water Lily, grown in the heart of the swamp.

It was the very first time I had seen him in full.

I recognized him and I saw in his eyes, Blue.

The lake was gone. Rivers of feeling anon.

Ever since that bead of a moment, the walls of the poisonous narcissistic traumas, generated mainly by the Narcissistic Mum, have crumbled to the ground. One by one, day in, day out, the poisonous reminiscences and trails have vanished away.

All healing, triggered by a single drop of unconditional love, sprung from a vibrant heart, amidst the swamp...

A seed of unconditional genuine love acted as the very pain killer to dissolve all the puss of the narcissists.

A drop of love, the very Miracle of Life!

From a Water Lily of Humanity.


And today, violet are the Petunias of Humanity, as stemmed from the heart of a sidewalk...

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