3 Times Thank You, Monsieur, for The Mists of Avalon


3 Times Thank You, Monsieur, for The Mists of Avalon

1. Thank You for the Avalon Concept. I have loved it! This is why I am posting this.
Alas... something nice after the taste of swamp. 

Dear Reader, The Mists of Avalon is a book I have literally stumbled onto on my way to church. Actually, my eyes stumbled onto it. You see, Sunday matched the 1st of August.

You should know by now that I like to think of myself as spiritual and given the importance of the Lions Gate, one of if not the most important energetical portals of the year, to open as of 05.08 until 11.08, with a peak on 08.08, I felt the need to lit a candle.

As if this candle shall open the Road to Damascus, forward, in time and space.

I have been asking all the brigade of my guardian angels to shed light upon my path. The very whole of it. Always connected to the Ascended Masters:

The Prophet Muhammad (PPUH) ... Jesus &Mother Mary...

Jesus &Mother Mary...The Prophet Muhammad (PPUH)...

All the Entities of Light I am connected to.

No sooner had I entered the church than the priest and the sermon attendees, myself included, choired into one Holy Father prayer.

Perfect timing! Or, shall I call it Divine Timing?

They, Catholic, I, hybrid, Christian & Muslim. I prayed and set intentional star seeds thoughts beyond boundaries, sans frontiers.

Is it possible to be truly Spiritual and see only One entity of Light?

One alone?

One Prophet?

One ... Sky?


And it was very hot inside the church.

Hence, I parted, my heart singing with joy to have jointly and vibrantly prayed together, as One.

One short heartful prayer.

Still, I wanted to lit a candle.

Hence, I proceeded to the Boteanu Orthodox Church, with the hope it would be open.

I was walking my way when my eyes fell on a book.

Eyes wide open, in astonishment: The Mists of Avalon.

I turned the first cover of the book. No dedication!

I looked around. Nobody!

'Tell you what, I am taking it. It must have been ... dropped, intentionally?'

Oh, we have a history of planting intentions by now, don't we, Lord Avalon, the very Master of Synchronicities?

What surprised me… is this: I had already written dedications on three books to give away into the Universe.

I had planned on leaving the books on several benches in the park.

And now this?

The Universe must have a peculiar sense of humour.

Don't you think?

Because this one must have been Divine Synchronicity!

I walked back home, left the newly received book, grabbed the three I’d written the dedications on and walked back, to spread the words of magic into the universe.

Tropic of Cancer turned into Tropic of Love.

And two more books bore lovely dedications. I left them close to where I’d found the Mist of Avalon.

So let's do the 1,2,3 — Ole! Shall we?

1. Either you are having quite a creative fit yourself, Mr Avalon, or, you must have changed your creative lead!

I am smiling.

2. Thank you, for all the support along the way. Please be informed it has not been easy to put up with and tune into your “lifestyle” of "synchronicities".

Not even a tiny bit.

It’s a whole different galaxy, this cosy world of yours.

I am having a headache.

3. I am not used to this high degree of attention, interest, even extreme intrusion, if I may?

I am thinking out loud: Could I ever cope with it?


I don’t ... think so, replied Sincerity.

I don't want to, replied Certainty.

Because it's engulfing...
Your style is engulfing, suffocating, nagging.
Farfetched, exacerbated, too much of a digger...
for information,
for everything.
Consequently, a gap emerges between us.
Love sees, needn’t dig!
Don't you think, dearest reader?


And I go, I go along.

This style reminds me of Madame Julieta, mother, before 2019,  in a terrible way.

Now, everything is much better, after 2019.

I am thinking out loud, Dear Reader:

what is it about me that he won't let go off, after more than 5 years?

He is surrounded by the very mothers of womanity.

Why doesn't he stay cool, in his chateau, away?

And this is no soap opera, this is my life!

My womanity?

She stays confined behind thick walls.

I am -- no Helene of Troy.

I have only wanted to be loved, hence, seen, felt and understood, amidst petals of pure joy.

And I have increased my vibration so much... so that I can cope better with this imposed siege of attention or what you would call it.

It's still very tiresome though... because I am receiving huge bubbles of light.

With the opening of Lions Gate, I am feeling tired.

It's a huge amount of Light to adapt to and incorporate. Quite exhausting!


I was enjoying my time, at a coffee shop, downtown.

What is this concept of my stumbling into the Mists of Avalon, a book on the Arthurian Legend, only this time as perceived by the female characters, published in the year I was born, 1982,  telling me?

That is aside from the fact that Mr Avalon is proficient at having synchronicities planted on my way, of course!

That's a fine-tuning over there. Excellent!

And it rosed me, just like that: isn't it obvious?

It's the Excalibur..., baby!

Genius, right?

We all know it.


According to the Arthurian Legends, He Himself alone, King Arthur was gifted and endowed with the skills to handle the sword.

And most importantly, he had the heart, the heart of a True King.

Isn't our heart the very Excalibur?

Or, the 3yar, the overall synchronisation between He and She?

I wonder.

Supposedly, one person alone... in the whole wide world or galaxy, throughout our incarnation, possesses the "Arthurian" skills to connect truly, fully, soulfully and thoroughly to and with our heart chakra, don't you think?

It's the One -- who we call "Love of my life", for that matter.

Oh, and the enrooting part: my root chakra blends with your root chakra must feel Excalibur-ly different when there is a full heart to heart chakra connection, don't you think, dearest reader?

2. Thank You for the interest and all the efforts you have bestowed on me. A heartfelt thank you! Shukran kteer.
3. Thank you for your kind understanding...

I can be no less and no more, to you, than a close soul mate/friend.

How about, La Confidante?

Had I been a literary personage I would have been La Confidante... for sure. 

I would love it to have my space.

I hate it when I feel that I am followed around during my walks.

Yes. I love children.

Hopefully, although it's very tight, I will be delivering babies ... soon.

For that, I have to open up the gates... can't do so "under pressure" or "by command".

You CAN'T command yourself onto a Lady's ...

Sorry for being so blunt, on my blog, in my very oasis of roses.

I don't feel comfortable with this level of pressure.

Will you please try to understand this?

It is way too much for my "I am" capabilities.

I have no idea what's next.

Not even the slightest idea.

And that's the beauty of it.

Can't wait to embrace the New as assigned by the Divine.

And I am praying for Light on my path.

Because I am tired and I want to go Home.

Shall I give one more thank you, dearest reader? I shall:

I have the utmost appreciation for all of your efforts, Lord Avalon.

Nobody has ever shown the amount of interest and "the I have your back" as you have. Nobody!

I know I haven't told you this... I do, I do appreciate all of your efforts, all of them, so very, very much.

And to me, the volume, intensity of your lifestyle is too much.

I couldn't be able to share the same environment, life, so and so forth, jointly, because -- again, it is too much.

Do you know, there is a proverb in Arabic which says that

"The best of things lies in balance"?

"Khayr Al Umur Al Wassat!"

It's high time we wrote new stories, each one of us with our own rose, on separate lanes, within the Garden of Roses. Don't you think, Lord Avalon?

I have no idea, just yet, which of the roses ... is the One.

And yet -- that One can’t be you. I am not falling into you for the following reasons:

  • I can't open up to you. Our ... styles don't match. Your approach is engulfing. I feel I am choking... from a distance.
  • There is jetlag in frequency sometimes on your behalf, many times on my behalf. From afar, I sense you are very much into root chakra ... I can't do without the heart chakra. I do heart and crown chakra and then the process of enrooting unfolds... naturally.

Please understand this: I know 100% I might make your life miserable. And you, mine.

Because our frequencies don't match. Now, more than ever, our frequencies don't match!

You and I, vibe differently, in the here and now. There is a lack of synchronicity... on many levels.

You and I, have one thing in common, though: we both have been "Dexter-ed" by many people.

Have had the pie of our being sliced, skinned and pulled in so many directions because Sapiens can't help it!

Sapiens is a grabber, most of the time.

In truth and in bona fide, I am sharing it with the whole wide world: in Lions Gate portal I trust.

Let there be Light -- everywhere and on my path.

And I am not leaving anywhere!
I am here, always, in the very heart of the Garden of Roses.

I shall embrace Home -- the One assigned by the Divine,

and be here,

alongside all the roses of my life,

on a soul level,

You included,

as family/ friends, 

Dear Lord Avalon

Thank you, so much.

Me too, always 

"You need to relax."


Loved the Young Lady Sweetheart concept,too ... 

Thank you ...  

Muchisimas Gracias, Raphael!


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