Sicily Is Burning, My Heart Is Yearning … For You And Your Well-being

Sicilian sun tile — stepping stone or fountain design inspiration

Sicily Is Burning, My Heart Is Yearning.

For You And Your Well-being ...



A moment in time: Te amo.


A walk in the park: Taormina.

And — Sicily,

Your warm people feel. Home.


Your sun took me back in time, to the warmth of Damascus.


The Gentleman by the Straits connected…

connected the rose with the straights of possibilities,

through endless affection,

and strokes of empowerment:

"Don't you worry! Your brain will never get tired."

I don't know what he was thinking of...


The heart longs for the Sun,
Catania is burning.
One heartfelt thought!
One heartfelt prayer!
From a Damascene Romanian.


I have visited Sicily only once, so far. It was back in 2015.

Out of nowhere, I felt: "Sicily, I am visiting you."

And it was a blast. I've loved it. It was a very beautiful trip. Somehow, the best of all the back then trips bulk.


The trip prior to launching my own marketing niche system.

The trip prior to a new stage, of my life: a new business system, travelling on my own, this time... all by myself.

3 years of being 100% European.
No strokes of Orientalism in terms of lifestyle. Thank God, that has come to an end.

The pendulum of my life is at the core of my being, where balance rests in well-being. And so may it be...

After all, I am a hybrid. Aren’t I?


Sicily, thank you so much, for deploying me back home.

When the cleaning lady bid "Bon giorno"  it felt like a hug from the chest of my grand-grand-grand ancestors, on both bloodlines, Damascene and Romanian.

It felt warm. It felt very warm. Yes, it felt Home.

And surprisingly, no sooner had I arrived in Bucharest than Damascus knocked on my door.

In truth and amidst petals!

Another miracle ... to happen in June.

And, thinking of you, dearest Sicily, drinking your sunny coffee has never felt better ...


I was lying amidst the sands, by the Sicilian seashore when ... a gentleman, a Human of India, dropped by. We had a little chit chat.

He was selling necklaces on the beach.

"They are handmade... seashells... pearls... coral crystals...," he told me.

"Where are you from?", he asked me.

I replied: "From Damascus, and from Romania."

"Oh, there is terrible war out there, in Syria. Why all this war? There, and there, and there. Look we two here on the shore, in Sicily. Where the problem?"

"No problem. I'll have these two, thank you very much."

A wide smile on my face, I think one for peace, and one, in the memory of this moment.


Do you know?

Almost 95% of my "jewellery", if not more, bear stories. All of them. Especially my rings... although I haven't worn much of those, lately.


I'd call this necklace -- the Necklace of Friendship, Warmth and Humanity!

How do you think?

Do you like my From Sicily, with LOve, Sunny Star Necklace?

Sicilian sun tile — stepping stone or fountain design inspiration
"Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon."

thought Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez.

I'd say  Sicily + Moon = MAGIC !

Photo, Sicilian Sun @Pinterest 

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