Today, I Have Discovered Cloud Meditation


Today, I Have Discovered Cloud Meditation

Have you thought of it before?

That losing oneself into clouds, gazing and contemplating them can be an exquisite form of meditation?

I have used the word exquisite because an activity very basic or simple like looking into the clouds can have a thorough effect on well-being.

And today I have discovered cloud meditation.




The more I looked at the clouds displaying their shapes, naturally perfect,

I had a moment of full awareness and awe.

I went like WOW!

What a discovery!

Nothing of the sort Cristofor Columbus must have felt when discovering America and yet — what a Divine Painting!

The Divine Brush … how can I turn the perfection of the sky into words?

I am thinking of ways to describe the perfection of this Divine painting. And here it is:

It’s not about describing it.

It’s about feeling it.

Bonding with the beauty until every inch of it has been inhaled in, herein, within.

By God, I can’t get enough of inhaling the sky in.
Come along… let’s dive, shall we?
“She gathered books like clouds and words poured down like rain.”
– Markus Zusak

The clouds on my soul

seeing you.


Dearest Sky!

A moment with you,

I cherish and behold

in the forever “be” —

here, with me.



Leaning on your bark

I rest my back,

all energy out —






And soul-being with the now.



You’re Like a shadow

following me, everywhere,

And so is —

my destiny.


Al Maktoob — attached to the petals of my soul.

Soon … two roses shall unite and bloom,

as fruits of the loom

meeting —

the Cosmic Plan.



Looking above

clouds shed clarity,

whispers of the song —

your essence.



Cloud meditation,

such an uplifting moment!

Clouds rest their hearts on the sky ...


How about you, my dearest, how about you?

When is the last time you have dived into a cloud meditation?

Hearts of a feather ... rejoin each other...

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