12 Symptoms of Ascension within Damascene Rose


12 Symptoms of Ascension within Damascene Rose

Receiving, Encoding and Decoding Light

It’s September, 11th, time 22:22.

This post called in.

I sat at my desk and typed it, as words decided to spring themselves from the keyboard.

A Short Introduction

Never have I thought the day will come when I won’t be able to visit my Mother Source — Damascus because of the WAR.

War burst around my Mother Source.

A sort of WWIII, where everything, everything that had happened before, in other epochs, happened, again!

The war in Syria, the "bitchest" and bloodiest humanitarian crisis since WWII.

Valerie Amos, the UN's top relief official, had declared the situation in Syria by early 2013 an L3 (level three) — a humanitarian disaster that required the highest level and fastest mobilization, on par with the aftermath of an earthquake or a tsunami. 


Those wars of the once upon a time we’d read about in history books … have happened. Now. While we are alive during these bloody, foggy times.


Never have I thought the day will come when I will live the state of emergency imposed by a Worldwide Pandemic.

A virus of the name Covid-19 hit the planet and our lives froze. Just like that!

One virus had us all freeze into a moment in time.

We haven't been able to love each other as ONE.

Nevertheless, our lives froze as One, worldwide.

Our freedoms have been seriously challenged, worldwide.

For once, since I was born, back in the summer of '82, we all have been gently forced into our ONEness, if I may.

The virus has "attacked" us all.

It has known no boundaries, no colours, no nationality and no religious creed.

We are being called upon to get the vaccine, wear masks, do this, do that. Adapt to this... may I dare say: biological war?

And to my belief, here, in Romania, restrictions might have been looser than in other parts of the world.


And never have I ever, ever imagined, that I, a Damascene borne, a Damascene Romanian hybrid, would have to walk a very long road, all by myself, and reach the age of 39 not having a blood family of my own.

A first in our family, on both bloodlines.

On a soul level, I have one. Gratefully, a wide One whom I like to call -- the Garden of Souls.

What can one do when cornered by the challenges of life but ascend?


But when and how did it start for me?

I have become aware of the process of Awakening during a vacation in Antalya, back in May 2018. During that one week vacation by the sea, I'd been followed, closely, by number 11:11. I have read more about it. Eleven turned out to be an important angel number.  And the process has been ongoing with a high intensity, ever since, reaching its peak as of 2020.

If I were to describe the process of Ascension in a nutshell, it would be:

“I have been pregnant with Light.

I have been carrying, bearing, encoding and deciphering an upheaval, a tumult and a bouleversement of LIGHT -- body, mind and soul.“

The door to whatever was is completely and irrevocably shut.

Had I wanted to go back, in any way, I couldn’t.

The road is opening. Only — forward.

Moreover, the Process of Ascension, somehow, has given me many answers. To me, it couldn't have happened sooner or faster because my time is now.

I'd like to share the most poignant symptoms of the Ascension for me:
1. Bewildering vertigo / dizziness

One day, I walked my way from the house to the little “park” right across the street.

How did I make it there?

I don’t know. I could barely walk. The world was moving around me and walking on the sidewalk felt as if I were stepping on piano flaps playing the DO, RE, MI ... and back to DO.

I only walked a few meters and then I sat, on a bench. For the first time in my life, I had had to make sure I walked alongside cars. Should I misstep, stagger, dismay or fall down, I’d have some sort of support or assistance. The parking lot in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was almost empty but for two vans.

I walked towards them and then, went on walking back home.

The parking lot was empty. I wouldn’t have opted for this trajectory, hadn’t been for “my state of dizziness”.

The earth was slipping under my feet.

As if I weren’t the one feeling vertigo.

Rather, the earth was sliding and moving under my feet.

It was completely bewildering. I have read related information in the "spiritual literature" or many of Mrs. Lorie Ladd (USA) or Mr. Daniel Gaucan 's (Romania) social media posts on spirituality and ascension.

As such, I have come to realise that I am ascending.

And that the process of ascension has got related exquisite and so out of the ordinary symptoms.

Nevertheless, I had a basic check-up run, just in case.

Thankfully, the results were sound and clear.

It's been Light. Just Light. The storm of light wrapping and thoroughly shaking my body up.

I don't exaggerate when I say that my cells must have downloaded a reinvigorated DNA chain for our family.

I have released everything that I wasn't and for sure, my cells have been decoding a brand new DNA structure. I am feeling newly born.

After all, signs and the books I have stumbled into have been telling me that I am a starseed.

Aren't I? Or... aren't we?

2. Sleeplessness and insomnia

I could barely sleep or I couldn’t fall asleep.

A sense of watchfulness… abundant energy wouldn’t allow me to sleep although I’d feel very tired.

3. Exhaustion

An overbearing and overwhelming sense would invade me.

At times, I’d feel that I could barely walk. Hence I wouldn’t go out for my 10.000 step walk.

Thankfully, I have always had a good physical condition. When boosts of energy would invade me during the "beautiful" times of depression, years ago, I’d go for a two-hour kick-box and combat force class, at the gym, or I’d swim for 1:30-2 hours.

But these waves of Light have had me feel exhausted, very exhausted, oftentimes; as of the beginning of 2020.

As a consequence, I could barely walk the 10.000 steps.

I’d feel like the turtle whose house shell is too heavy to carry.

Or that I’d be carrying three times myself. And it has felt so heavy and so very difficult.

So I have been forced into learning how to rest.

To pause, do nothing and simply enjoy the process of resting. Voila!


My daily average steps threshold ranges between 13.000-20.000, depending on the day, my daily routine and so on.

Most of the time, I feel energized.

4. The Sudden Need to Doze off

As a consequence of exhaustion or sudden bursts of waves of light, especially when energy portals would open, such as the Lions Gate or the 09:09 Portal, I’d need to sleep -- NOW! And that’s it, folks!

Even if it were noon or around 3-4 o’clock.

5. Sudden fits of Hunger or/and Thirst

I’d come back from my walk almost running and I’d hit the pantry.

Oh, believe me when I say: I would have eaten stones if I could.

I'd feel that sense of intense hunger where I'd have to eat BREAD. And BREAD. And BREAD. As if I haven't eaten a slice of bread ever. As if I haven't been to the best restaurants in my life, ever.

And I'd drink water... at times as if I haven't had a sip of water since the day I was born. So thirsty I'd be.

6. Cramping

I cramp every month, during and a bit before menstruation.

The level of cramping is so intense at the beginning of it that I must be indoors.

A couple of weeks ago, I cramped as if it were the first day of my menstruation or even worse, I'd say.

And this — has never ever happened before to me.

They were convulsive cramps followed by a very cold shower to fall all along my spine.

I had had to take a very hot bath to stop feeling cold.

Note: I find these aspects of my life quite personal. Nevertheless, given it’s a first for me, and for many other persons undergoing the process of Ascension, I have opted for sharing these symptoms.

7. Hot and/or cold shivers

Feeling a rushing hot stream or other times, feeling cold, out of the blue. Yes, even though it was a hot summer.

8. The sudden and/or fast beating of my heart

Out of the rose, I’d feel my heart doing the boom, boom, shake, shake the room. Yes, just like that!

9. Trouble focusing

I have had serious trouble focusing on writing, in general, and on writing a few previous posts, here, amidst the oasis of the Damascene Rose.

10. Losing track of time

This one might have been experienced by many of us, out there.

If anything, this pandemic has surely set a different timetable for most of us. It has shaken our lives, baby!

11. Foamy curves

What do I mean by foamy curves?

In comparison to the Romanian ladies, I am no mignon.

I have wider bones and I am robust.

Thankfully, I have always had a taut body and taut curves.

No round hips though.

I have worked out for it, too.

But — with the Ascension, I have “earned” a tiny belly pooch.

I've read about it, about the symptoms of Ascension, and... it is called the Buddha Tummy, allegedly.

It’s as if my already Oriental belly has moved forward.

I know my body very well. And this is quite different.

In time, these bubbly foamy extra curves on both my hips -- something I haven't had before, and tummy have been shrinking away.

My jeans say so!

The bubbles of light must have been incorporated and used by my body. It's an ongoing process.

I must adapt to it. And so must my daily routine.

My belly has still got a different shape than before, though.

Maybe my body (wid a Jamaican accent) knows something I don’t.


Other symptoms I have experienced: irritability, a sense of releasing anything and every bond, liaison I no longer am. The need to stretch and stretch and stretch.  No matter how much I'd stretch they'd be room and a need for more. And all the types of releasing: from reminiscences of the past to giving away water.


Symptoms have varied from one person to the other. The most common symptom might have been the need to rest, sleep as well as the "vertigo".


That’s why I have said earlier on that I have been "pregnant" with light.

It’s a process I can’t control or contain.

I have had to adapt to it.

I write, walk, do anything, according to it.

Altogether never ever have I thought that one day I’d say that I have been  “pregnant” with/ bearing/ carrying light. And even more so, write about it.

Maybe that’s why especially during this time of insecurity and turmoil we ought to brace ourselves for both more adaptability, and why not -- miracles.

12. A Deep Calling saying “You are going Home”

The water of roses wraps me in its dew and I know, I feel it -- right over here , that I am being pulled into the passage leading Home.

For the skies have split open into a Rose.

To me, the very Damascene Rose.

Come along...

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
– Audrey Hepburn

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[1]Lewis Sida, Lorenzo Trombetta and Veronica Panero, Evaluation of OCHA Response to the Syria Crisis, United Nations Office of the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs, March 2016, (website address) apud Assad or We Burn The Country, Sam Dagher, 2019, p. 397.

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