Damascene Rose: Soon, Before Long … Almost


Soon, Before Long ... Almost!

Ultimately, it's not about being understood.

Not even being seen.

Perhaps — it's about being felt.



Hearts recognize one another.

There are no boundaries between hearts.

Only connectivity, liaison and raison.



We all know it.

Though we wouldn't tell,

wouldn't show it,


The heart is always right.



The heart can't be mathematical.

How can one live by,

heart closed?

How can one breathe,

when the heart is confined —

behind shutters?

Window open —

the light may come in.



My heart smiles at you.

And yours, I feel it, smiling back at me.

I feel it, before seeing it on your face.


Trust and love are felt,

long before ...

willingly given away.



And I feel you,

walking the steps of the universe

towards me.

Shooting star!


Still, behind the veil.

Stay vibrant,

melting heart

Soon, before long ... Almost!


"So I will wait for you like a lonely house till you will see me again and live in me. Till then, my windows ache."

— Pablo Neruda

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