Damascene Rose Photos: The Stories of the Lampposts


The Stories of the Lampposts

Once you are connected to and with the Universe, in an unprecedented alignment, as it is in my case, everything — becomes.

Very visible.

There are no veils.

Everything is as it is.

Transparent, translucid, luminous.

Not even the fog I couldn’t capture in these photos can interfere with the story.

The story is, as it is.

Not as perceived or imagined.

But as it is.

The lampposts have united in a song.

Their song.

Their song of light.

One day it gives away painted flames.

One day it gives away stars… galaxies…

And I am yet to discover what other shapes of story it shall give away.

And the paintings stemming from the lampposts bear the stories…

The very stories of the lampposts.

lampposts -Damascene Rose
lampposts -Damascene Rose
the lampposts

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