Damascus: The First 11:11:11 Portal opened Here




The portal opened within your womb,
1001 thank you,
Your genes I hold

Seven are your Gates of Magic,
One is Your Sun
One is your Garden of Roses:
Al Jazeera 5

Today’s portal marks the commencement:
A Brand New Garden: 1 + 1


11 Quotes ♥ Thoughts of /by ♥ the Roses of My Life:

1 — "I have never soul hugged a Lady before."

2 — "Ciao, bella! You really look fabulous and send a lot of energy. Getting happier and prettier!"

3 — "Thank you for the joy you have brought into my life."

4 — “My crazy, free spirit Hybrid!"

5 — “With me, you shall discover a brand new planet.” And she thought to herself: “I have. Already."

6 — "You seem to have found only the cold ones (men)." And she thought to herself: "This gentleman's heart is reality see-through."

7 — "I'd better sit in my mother's lap if I can't honor my wife." And she was like: "Oh, boy! A man, finally."

8 — “The cryogenic rose never loses its redness despite the passing of time."

9 — He saw her. He'd recognized her. And he painted her blank canvas with the colors of his Artsy Balmy Soul. Henceforth, he's handed her ink to write and colors to paint her brand new reality. A dimension of time and space where Ink becomes the very oxygen for Lady Rose.

10 — “The Moon is beautiful tonight", said his friend. And he looked at her, asking: "Which one of them?"

11 — He'd served her a dolphin-shaped pear. He'd stolen the cheese from her plate.

Leg and Leg stretched up towards the Full Moon, only to be captured at the moment via a photograph.

And her nails... By God, back then, she had nails!

And He has planted roses on her way... He has.

A Starry Blanket A Painter of Words An Architect of the Garden of Roses A Flamenco Guitarist A Gentleman by the Strait A Sailor...

Henceforth, Mrs. Heart feels and I tell her:

Aren’t I the luckiest girl in the whole wide galaxy?


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