Damascene Rose Hearts: ‘Tis The Season To Be — Caring #1

’tis the season

It’s that time of the year.

It’s that time of the year when sunshine still sneaks through the windowpane, although it’s autumn.

And what if it’s autumn?

The Sun is. Always. And the Sun -- reverberates ...

The most brilliant and fragrant autumns of all times, for me.

It must be L’Air de Bucharest or the very feeling of it.

Or is it that the leaves of sentiment crown every moment of my walks?

Is it that I am so infinitely grateful and blessed with everything, everything that I can't help it, I am One with Nature.

Definitely, a brand new stage for me.

This level of bonding is new, even for me.

Life can’t remain the same once you’ve undergone the process of Ascension.


I would spend most of the time of the rest of my life with "my" dear ones and in the heart of Nature and Books.

The fragrance of nature must be my favorite l’air de … you name it.

After all, the Rose is Nature.

And since I have inhabited it, ever since I’ve known myself, you can imagine that I need nature.

The very DNA of my life …

And it is that time of the year when suddenly, the leaves shine their crimson, differently.

It must be Love.

It must be Life.

Nature is decisive in supporting us in order to elevate our state of being.

Our state of consciousness.

Despite us.

Despite these terrible times, we are subject to.

Nature is decorating the Christmas Tree with tinsel, already.

And what a paradox!

The Universe must have a very bizarre sense of humor.

The imagery in front of the Victory Palace, the Government's headquarters, is decorated for Christmas, already.

Mother Nature has taken care of it.

May She take care of us, here in Romania, and worldwide.


The state of our country is as it is.

The state of the world is as it is.

Yet Nature waits on no man.

Nature sees to Her course and despite us, Mother Nature offers us the best of views, the best of love, and the best of air in the very heart of the capital.

And I choose to take a moment and be thankful for this -- very moment, when so many regions of the world are subject to even harder times than ours, here in Bucharest.

’tis the season
’tis the season

So many people are in dire straits here and around the world.

Hence, I have thought of indulging the crimson magic of these leaves and playing one of my favorite ’tis the season records of all times:

"I am thinking of You, My Dearest, wherever you may be.
And I am sending you Petals of My Love,
in the here and now,
Let it be  Christmas, every day:"







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