Damascene Rose on Unesco’s List: ‘Tis The Season for the Children of Humanity #2

The Children of Humanity, the New Energy of Terra

... for Children Are Magical Star Seeds

I love my sweet darling nephew, so much. His name is Alexandru. My favorite Romanian gentleman name of all time.

I love my other nephew too, so much. His name is ... say... Hlewa. It means (the) Handsome in Arabic.

He is one of, if not the most handsome Arab young gentleman I have laid my eyes upon.

And I love my two nieces too, so very much. They are two beautiful, witty, and heart-melting young Ladies; and they have come through their Arab parents.

Also, I love my niece Sara. She is the daughter of my nephew Muhammad Salah, a Damascene Syrian, and his wife, La Mexicana.

Her name is not La Mexicana and yet, she is a Mexican.

Sara is their daughter. And she is a hybrid, like me. And like many other children across the globe: in Latin America, in Romania, in the Middle East, Afghanistan, or Africa.

And yet — our hearts beat the same, hybrid or non-hybrid.

This is what unites us: feeling!

Sentiments unite us, this time, here in the hybrid Damascene Rose.

Whilst the system might falter, oftentimes, our hearts don’t.

Our hearts know and see the truth of everything that matters, out there.

The Heart knows. And there are no boundaries when it comes to loving one another.

And I can’t express enough how lucky and proud I am to be an aunty, even if from a distance, of such wonderful, colorful, and joyful nephews and nieces.

I love them. I know that they feel my love. And I know that I am loved back, even though, from a distance:

Here in Bucharest.

There in "Arabia",

or in Mexico,

or the United States of America.

It’s the aunty — nephew, aunty — niece bond, baby!


There was this one time, I was on the plane. And a child in his mother’s sweet embrace extended his arm and touched my shoulder.

I can feel it, till today, right over here.

And there was this one time when I was in the heart of the Romanian Atheneum’s garden when the child of a Chinese family came along and sat in my lap.

No sooner had I taken notice of him than he was sitting in my lap, already. I remember I'd asked his parents whether he was like that, in general, with everybody. They said, "No! He wasn't like that with everybody".

Oh, those were completely different times. We could hug unconditioned by the Covid-19 virus.

Nevertheless, in the here and now, our hearts can hug and liaise into the Sweet Embrace of the Hearty Feeling.

And there was this other time, when a Lady Girl in the heart of Levent Square, of Istanbul, who walked towards me and told me: "I am hungry!"

Just like that. I felt blessed, in truth and in feeling. I didn’t know why she had chosen me. She knew I wasn’t a Turkish citizen. She must have felt “me”: my energy.

Oh, baby: thank you for your vote of trust, of love, of being drawn to my energy.

And I wonder: is it that I am a hybrid of their energy, the New Energy of Our Planet: the Indigo, Blue-Rays, Crystal, Rainbow Star Seeds Children of our Planet?

I don't know if you have felt it. Yes, I am not a mum, just yet.

And yet — I feel them. I feel their energy. It's as if I am sniffing them, even though from a distance, in the park, on the street, everywhere... I am blessed to encounter them.

Hearts know.
Hearts liaise.
And Hearts see.

Also, I feel blessed. My heart loves all the children out there.

And I imagine — they must be feeling the Love, somehow.


And I have danced with my three nephews and two nieces. We have danced el flamenco, go round and round twirls on Game of Thrones main title theme; twirl and whirl, baby, around and about the house.

Who knows? God willing, I’ll be dancing with my own children soon.

After all, Christmas is here, already. I could make a tiny wish or even two.

I know we are living hectic uncertain times. Nevertheless, I feel that we could roll an "energy ball” of warmth and care for all the children of humanity, out there.

Petals of love for the children of humanity:







Save The Children


The Red Cross


Xoxo from
An Indigo Blue Ray Star Seed = New Energy Hybrid Human of the Universe

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