Damascene Rose in Casablanca: A Moment With You


If you are here, in the moment, tell me why you are here.

Tell me ... somehow.

Tell me something.

Give away of yourself.

Give away your song.

Don’t talk to me about what has been imagined.

Tell me what you imagine.

Talk to me about your fears and doubts, your everything.

Do whatever it is you want to do.

Even better, be.

Be in the moment.

I’ll liaise with the moment and slide into you.

In the whole wide universe, there's Only One You.

Nor two, neither three, but One you.

Being — with You — is all there is:


And that’s where I’d like to dwell.

Your heart be Casablanca!


Photo Copyright: Joe Webb - Coeval Magazine (1976) via Pinterest

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