Raphael… Raphael… Raphael…


Raphael... Raphael... Raphael...

I am very much bored of your ways.

Of the waiting.

Of the questionary.

The e-mails.

Of everything.

This endless control and strangulation of the moment with infinite questions till there is nothing left... till the moment runs dry of its very essence, aren't my cup of tea, really.

When a moment turns alive, let it be alive.

Stop ... "pissing" on it, for your sake,



A Damascene in Europe  since the age of 9


(Apologies! Please pardon my French, dear Reader.)

@feeling ultimate, ultimate, but the very ultimate boredom ♠♥♦♣, Raphael, you Scared Rabbit... Rrrrabbit!


Photo: Christian Louboutin Sandals, via Pinterest.

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