Romania! I Choose to Dwell in the Heart



What a tragedy!

I won’t be writing about it.

If you are Romanian, you know what I mean.

I you are a non-Romanian, please bare with us. And thank you, thank you, for bearing with me!

And I had to express my frustration and sadness, somehow, back then.

Mr. B of Romania translated the heart into a teardrop.

Mr. B is a Romanian gentleman himself.

And he was right about it.

It is both, a teardrop, and a heart.

And it’s a concept I had created back then, in 2016, to express my utmost frustration and fury.

I’d almost scratched the walls from frustration.

That’s what they write in books that we ladies do, when men cheat on us, or when we are envious or jealous.

Well… my dearest, this is how I felt when faced with the stupidity and the sheer negligence of sapiens. Human lives were lost! Humans were...

Whilst on the other front, people were under shelling in Syria, due to real mother sucking bloody war, here, in Romania,
a fatal accident had occured due to mere negligence and stupidity. I can’t write… I can’t type the verb of what happened back then.

I am natural empath and that would have me deployed there, in feeling, in sentiment.


And I can’t go there.

And I had to express my pain somehow...

Only this, this is a double-face concept.

It expresses both Love for Romania.

And, at times, sadness.

Mr. B was right about it. It is both a teardrop, and a heart.

In the here and now, I shall dwell in the heart.


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