Santa Claus Smiled At Me From A Window Shop — Serendipity #1


I crossed the street and there he was.

Smiling at me, from the window shop.

Snowflakes all around him, in the crystal


And I could almost feel the fumes of

cinnamon and gingerbread around my


I could almost smell Christmas.

Standing there, in front of it, I see Santa

Claus in his phone booth.

Smiling at me…

Are you? Are you delivering the one call I

have waited for, all along, for 11 years?

Oh, gosh. This is magical!

As if ... the door to the library had opened.

Hence I went in.

Amongst the Crystal globes and the

miracle of books, boxes of Italian natural

rose soaps winked at me, in perfect


I love handmade soap. As for roses, they

are, they are the very song — of my life.


I photographed the Phone Booth.

As if by doing so, I had made sure I shall

receive the response I have prayed for,

every day, for the past 11 years.

Eleven stairs of moments.

Eleven stars of the Garden of Roses.

And Christmas is here, already.

And it is here… and may it be, every day,

in our hearts:

Romania pages/doneaza-pentru-copiii-vulnerabili?donation/


Save The Children

The Red Cross

As for my Christmas wishlist?

Mine is quite simple.

I’d love to share it with you:

Dear You,
Do you have a wishlist ready for
Christmas? I bet you have it ready. If
not, you'd better start visualizing it.
And how about adding a donation of
feeling, of care, or a financial one, or a
book, or gifting a stranger something
you want to give away?

My Christmas wishlist is about being,

receiving a couple of presents, and

mostly, giving.

I wish to BE

side by side good coffee, cozonac, spices

(cinnamon and clove), books and walks…

Perhaps, in the snow?

Thankfully and gratefully, except for the

traditional Romanian cozonac cake and

snow, I have everything by my side,

already. The cozonac is prepared on the

24th in our house. So… the moment I get

up to the smell of it, I know it’s that time

of the year.

Perhaps we are to have snow, this year.

Would you like it?

I’d Love it!

I wish to hug my sister, tighter, tighter,

and tighter.

She is both my blood and soul sister.

I wish to hug baba, my dad, as always.

And I wish to see the Painter of Words

and hug him, too.

Although this would be like a huge, a very

huge miracle.

But Lady Hope never gives up.

I mean, he is "my" one and only

Gentleman Writer friend. And he spends

most of his time,  away,  in his ivory


Whilst I am an aspiring writer, he is a


And I am so fond of feeling his absent

presence in my life. Maybe the Magic of

Christmas might  turn it into a present

presence over a mug of hot tea.

This would be amagnificent Christmas

gift. If not, I’ll simply imagine it.

That’s what aspiring writers do… they

imagine. A lot!


So I’ll imagine that I'll be hugging him for

Christmas, tight, too. If not, I'll simply

admire the Christmas decoration

resembling him...

" The more I think it over, the more I
feel that there is
nothing more truly artistic than to
love people."
—  Vincent van Gogh
As for (receiving) gifts?

I wish to receive (from the Universe)/ buy

myself a professional photo camera. You

see... I have plans for 2022.

A silver brooch? Maybe… could be, not


As for giving,

I Hope, with all my heart, that my giving

away petals of roses is being felt, all the


And there is this rush of feeling,


I can't help it. I simply and joyfully —


The Magic of Christmas is having me feel more.
I am hugging you, World.
Stay loved. Stay blessed! Yeah, baby!
And, since Christmas is here already, I wish
you manifest
the magic of Christmas in good health,
amongst vibrant
petals of Love, surrounded by people who
Love you,
dearly and vibrantly.


As for me, I am leaving a few glowing

petals, right over here,  for the Unknown.

I’ll allow for the Maktoob, the very

Destiny to knock on the Gates of Myself.

For Lady Patience has, she has been

knocking on Heaven's Rosy Balmy Shiny

Glowing Doors...

2nd Photo: Pinterest

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