Counting My Serendipity Moments Until Christmas #2

And I Am Counting My Serendipity Moments Until
Christmas #1

… the first moment on my Christmas Serendipity Moments List is my stepping into a pastry shop.

I am posting it as the second. But it was, my first!

A few weeks ago, I went to pay a visit to a couple of dear Lady friends, owners of a shop for kids.

The concept of the shop is the first steps of the newborn and the first years of their life.

I couldn’t have gone empty-handed.

At first, I dropped by a pastry shop of tradition, renowned on the market.

My eyes couldn’t liaise with anything there.

Or was it — my heart?

I couldn’t feel it.

Just yet.

My feet walked me there.

I approached the pastry shop opposite the Romanian Atheneum.


Happiness swam in a large cup of tea... 

As I approached the window shop, my eyes were caught up by a lineup of Choux A La Creme.

One of them had raspberries on it.

Drawn to it, I kindly asked the seller to describe its ingredients.

All I could hear:

"The cream of this one is with water of roses and the one, by its side, is with jasmine flavor."

Uh, la, la! Jasmine creme? In a cookie?

That very instant, the world stopped for me.

And -- I was surrounded by petals of roses and fragrant jasmine.

My dearest, I ask you: what were the odds for me, a Damascene, to enter a pastry shop I don’t usually go to, at least not to buy cakes, and stumble into water of roses and jasmine cakes, in the very heart of Bucharest?


Serendipity, baby, serendipity!

And I am back Home, in the Garden of my Darling Damascus — the Capital of Jasmine and verily, my Oasis of Roses.

Hence bearing the fragrance of Her… the taste of Her… the box containing 3 Pavlova cakes — a first for me, and water of roses choux a la creme cakes in the palms of my hands, I saw to my way.

And I am on the road… making the last steps of this year.

Thank you, Ladies, for the good laughs&gags session and as always, for the wonderful time!

How about you?

How does your serendipity list feel like?

Are you writing your serendipity moments in your journal?

Jasmine fragrance
water of roses
the taste of Home...

And a cake of Humanity for the Children of the World:

Many currencies of colorful love are available. Choose up yours!

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