Damascene Rose: Walking With You I Start Seeing …

"Happy is the moment,
when we sit together.
With two forms,
two faces,
yet one soul,
You and I.”
— Rumi

Walking Downtown with My Lady Friend ...

By God, I have a Lady Friend!

Alas. My heart. Alas.

She is a hybrid, like me.

Nevertheless, more of an indigo-born child, than myself, I'd say.


"Do you know" she tells me, "we, hybrid children, are forming a new identity. I've read about it, somewhere."

Oh, I'll kindly ask her to tell us all where she'd read about it.

Information is even more valuable when shared.


My Lady Friend is a humanitarian as much and as far as the word may contain it.

"If I could only describe to you the level of stress during the last year of my being there..."

She had previously teamed up with the Red Cross, for almost a decade, in the very heart of Damascus.

And we've walked our way through.

"When I walk with you, I start seeing the Roses... of Bucharest," she tells me.

My heart had felt very flattered.

For in truth and in bona fide I sing my song:

I come from a Rose, the Damascene Rose!

That's what we, indigo borne children do.

According to Wikipedia, "Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The idea is based on concepts developed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and further developed by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. The concept of indigo children gained popular interest with the publication of a series of books in the late 1990s and the release of several films in the following decade. A variety of books, conferences, and related materials have been created surrounding belief in the idea of indigo children and their nature and abilities. The interpretations of these beliefs range from their being the next stage in human evolution, in some cases possessing paranormal abilities such as telepathy, to the belief that they are more empathetic and creative than their peers."

I for one would say: we're new energy, we love our planet, we are into feeling, humanity, and tolerance; we are highly empathetic, we bear codes of light, we can't fit it in the old energy hence we are creating a new system, already, by being who we are. And we can't simply sit tight and watch cruelty and the lack of feeling or affection as if this were a way of living, as if this were normality. We are carriers of a New Story and we are -- writing it.

Hence we plant the seeds of ourselves, every here and there, every now and then...

"It's not what we're given; it's what we do with it!"

I am talking Humanity, True Love, and sparkling bubbly Friendship, with ma hybrid lady friend:

"There are four different types (of indigos), and each of them has a purpose:

HUMANIST: First, there is the Indigo humanist, who is going to work with the masses. They are tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, teachers, salesmen, businessmen, and politicians. They will serve the masses, and they are hyperactive. Ther are extremely social. They’ll talk to anyone, anytime — friendly, friendly, friendly. And they have very strong opinions. They’re also awkward in their body, hyperactive as I said, and sometimes they will run into the wall because they forgot to put on the brakes. (My younger sister used to say that I walk in one direction and that my head walks in an opposite direction. They do not know how to play with one toy. Instead, they have to bring everything out — everything lays there — and they may or may not touch it. They are the ones who who, if you tell them to go clean their rooms, you have to keep reminding because they get distracted. (Oh, I get distracted, quite often.) They go in their rooms, start cleaning, until they see a book. tehn they sit down and read because they’re ferocious reader. (Though I am a ferocious reader I must finish cleaning first, because, most of the time, I hate it when I am being interrupted.) I was on a plane yesterday, and this one little Indigo — three years old — was fussing. His mother gave him the safety pamphlet, and he opened it up with all the pictures. He’s sitting there, very serious, like he’s reading it — very serious and intense with it. He studied it for five minutes, and I know he couldn’t read, but he thought he was, I think.That’s the Indigo humanist.


CONCEPTUAL: Then you have the Indigo conceptual.The conceptual Indigo is more into porjets that people. They’ll be tomorrow’s engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, pilots, and military officers. They’re not clumsy in their body, and they’re often very athletic as children. They ahve control issues,a nd the person they try to control most is their mother, if they’re boys. Giirls try to control their fathers. If they get away with it, there’s a big problem. This type of indigo has tendicies toward addictions (…). Parents need to watch their behavioral patterns very clsoely, and they start saying things such as “Don’t go near my room,” that’s when their mother needs to search their room.

ARTIST: Then you have the Indigo artist. This Indigo is much more sensitive and oftentimes smaller in size, though not always. They’re more into arts. They are creative,a nd will be tomorrow’s teachers and artist. Whatever they go into, they will be on the creative side of it. If they go into medicine, they may become surgeons or researchers. When they go into fine arts, they’re the actor’s actor. Between the ages of four and ten, they may pick up 15 different creative arts—do one for five minutes and put it down. So I always tell mothers of artists or musicians, “Don’t buy the instruments — rent them!” The artist Indigo may work five or six different instruments, then when when they get to their teenage years, they’ll pick one field or endeavor and become the artist in it.

INTERDIMENSIONAL: They you have the fourth type, which is the Indigo interdimensional. They are larger than all other Indigos, and at one or two years of age, you can’t tell them anything. They say, “I know that. I can do it. Leave me alone.” They are the ones who will bring new philosophies and new religions into the world. They can be bullies because they’re so much bigger and because they don’t fit in like the other three types do. "

Which one of the Indigos above are you?

I believe I am the Humanist Indigo indulging the multiple hues of the Artist while afloat in-between dimensions of space and time, cities: Bucharest, Damascus, and Istanbul, and the world, present and past lifetimes.

In-between dimensions:

Share a Meal & Mercy to Humanity

From the Heart:
"These children have compassion for other living things: the planet, life in general, animals, plant life, and other people. They react to cruelty, unfairness, inhumanity, stupidity, callousness, and insensitivity. Although they want things, they have a lack of materialism (unless they are overindulged) and usually generous.
Research in the field of psychology consistently indicates that parents who are sensitive and reach out to help their children, in turn, have children who are sensitive and reach out to others.
Recent findings showed that when someone was helping another, the helper’s heart rate went down. Those who tend to be nonhelpers have higher heart rates. In addition, the helpers (not co-dependents!) helped even when they could have left the scene. They helped because it came from their hearts." -- (excerpts from The INDIGO CHILDREN, Lee Carroll * Jan Tober)

From the Heart to the Mothers and their Child:

For Romania: send a text message reading “Courage" to 8844 and support the ill children.

Trimite 2 Euro prin SMS la 8844 cu textul CURAJ și spijină copii bolnavi

Or, access the following link, respectively: https://asociatiamame.ro/doneaza/


You see... this year, reading about the Messages from the Pleiadians I have discovered that all the fingerpointing, all the "scapecoating", all the stigma and rejection I have faced wasn't because I was from Damascus, for ma people of Bucharest, and because I was from Romania, for ma people of Damascus. No! There seems to have been much more to it:

My being different has been about my being New Energy.

When I got my first job in a media agency, I remember the first thing I was told: "You must fit it."

When I got married I was being talked into how the first years of marriage should suck, and that it is OK to succumb to patterns and to a system of beliefs that is unsuitable for who I am.

Habibi, but you've known who I am ...


My habibi is on his way... in his turtle Ferrari pace.

God bless! Gob bless!

Besides, why should I fit into something I am not when I can create a world of mine "after my image and likeness"?

I mean, baba, my darling, precious father, he bears the genes of passion and love, all through his veins. What would you expect of his "brinzess"?


And they don't speak petals of encouragement: you will succeed, you will make it through, you will...


Instead, they use all the megabytes of their "lungs" to insist on:

"You won't find what you are looking for, in here."

"If he, the husband -- wants. If he -- feels. If he --  anything.

If they -- the company are OK.

Every partnership ought to be a blend of mutuality.

What about me?

What of me?

And if I am not OK, at all, on any layer, can a partnership, of any kind, forming a family, maternity, being a wife be OK?"

And this has happened, to me, especially in Romania. Not in the Oriental countries of both my blood family and my soul tribe.

There has been no benefit of the doubt or the possibility of things to have gone differently than imagined or perceived. What if their horizon of perception is limited?

Either way, when you are on the outside, of the story, my dear... it is none, but none of your business.

Even if you're rich, it's none of your business.

It's not about my being a feminist, it's about plain logic.

Should "I am" be not OK, nothing is OK...

Absolutely nothing!

It all starts, right over here, with: I AM.

I am, henceforth, I become...

And no one had ever guided me in anything.

Except for my Damascene Rose, that is.

Thank you, Ship of Intuition, for always leading the way, for my soul and myself!

Thank you, dearest Rays of the Divine ... for always having my back.

And Here's what Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes on "Scapecoating" in her book -- Women who run with the wolves:

"The Scapecoat
Sometimes in my work with women I show them how to make a full-length scapecoat from cloth or some other material. A scapecoat is a coat that details in painting, writing, and with all manner of things pinned and stitched to it all the name-calling a woman has endured in her life, all the insults, all the slurs, all the
traumas, all the wounds, all the scars. It is her statement of her experience of being scapegoated. Sometimes it takes only a day or two to make such a coat, other times it takes months. It is exceedingly helpful in detailing all the hurts and slams and slashes of a woman’s life.
At first, I made a scapecoat for myself. It soon became so heavy it needed a chorus of Muses to carry the train. I had in mind that I would make this scapecoat and then, having put all this psychic refuse together in one psychic object, I would disperse some of my old woundedness by burning the scapecoat. But you know, I kept the coat hung from the ceiling in the hallway and every time I walked near it, instead of feeling bad, I felt good. I found myself admiring the ovarios of the woman who could wear such a coat and still be walking .foursquare, singing, creating, and wagging her tail.
I found this also to be true of the women I worked with. They never want to destroy their scapecoats once they have made them. They want to keep them forever, the nastier and the gorier, the better. Sometimes we also call them battlecoats, for they are proof of the endurance, the failures, and the victories of individual women and their kinswomen.
It is also a good idea for women to count their ages, not by years, but by battle scars. “How old are you?” people sometimes ask me. “I am seventeen battle scars old,” I say. Usually people don’t flinch, and rather happily begin to count up their own battle scar ages accordingly.
As the Lakota painted glyphs on animal hides to record the events of winter, and the Nahuatl, the Maya, and the Egyptians had their codices recording the great events of the tribe, the wars, the triumphs, women have their scapecoats, their battlecoats. I wonder what our granddaughters and great-granddaughters will think of our lives recorded thusly. I hope it will all have to be explained to them.
Let there be no mistake about it, for you have earned it by the hard choices of your life. If you are asked your nationality, ethnic origin, or bloodline, smile enigmatically. Say, 'Scar Clan.' " (Chapter 13)

... whereas I, I'd say, 'Damascene Rose Clan'.
Have fought 11 long, bloody battles ...  every year has been a different stage of my becoming.
A descendant of the 15th Family, verily, the Keepers of the Secret of the Damascene Sword. To this day, the secret of the Damask steel blend is guarded somewhere, safe and sound, in one of the drawers of the universe. The fact that our family, in Damascus, are the very bearer of the secret and the craftsmanship of the Damascene Rose has been confirmed to me by several Humans of Damascus who have lived there much more than myself. I lived there for the first nine years of my life. And went on a two-week trip, later on,  when I was in the 11th grade.        I have known about this truthful legend from my family. Hearing it from people I haven't known before confirming it to me has felt ... WOW! I am very proud of my Damascene Heritage. And this is a story in a story that has kept unveiling itself, petal by petal, and truth by truth

And since my lady friend sees roses better when walking by my side, let us jointly see, clearer and more thoroughly, the message brought about by the Bringers of Dawn:

"A New Paradigm of Life

Who are the Bringers of the Dawn, and what is their role?

The Bringers of the Dawn are those who carry the rays of the sun and bring light and knowledge. They have (…) an ancient society, an ancient spiritual bonding that keeps them doing certain work within a certain star system. You are members of the Bringers of the Dawn;
otherwise, you would not be drawn to this book. The members of this elite organization come to Earth at different times to do their work.

This occurs when a cycle has been set and events are perfect for them to allow the energy from the high cosmos and the energy from Earth
to merge within their own beings.

The energies from the cosmos are always coming to Earth,a nd the energies from Earth are always lifting up toward
the cosmos.

Humanity creates the sacred bridge between Earth and sky, which some have called the rainbow bridge.

The Bringers of the Dawn allow these energies to merge so that the dawn, or the light, is awakened within them.
They then bring that dawn to civilization.
This is who you are.
This is what you are doing.

So are a multitude of others. You are the Bringers of the Dawn.

You, the Bringers of the Dawn, also known as the Family of Light, agreed to go through the process of mutation
to evolve yourselves into higher beings by intention and conscious agreement. You bring light back to the planet,
bring about the new evolution of humanity, and make the cosmic evolutionary leap in awareness and intelligence
possible by anchoring the frequency first inside your bodies and living it.

Light is a kingdom of consciousness, and it has a purpose of existence. The story we tell you
today is a story that you can comprehend. Every time we speak to humans and you comprehend more,
we give you more.

We do not want you to think that light is more noble than anything else. Something in the essence of your soul connects you to this light source and drives you to this profession, but it does not make this profession than any
other profession. There are others who have different sources and spiral out with different intentions, and they make
the ballgame possible. You are learning about this.

“Many kingdoms of consciousness exist. "Kingdoms of consciousness" are fancy words for a concept that we would like you to grasp.
Within the kingdoms of consciousness, there is a likeness of energy, and there are many kinds of kingdoms of consciousness.

The Family of Light comes from a particular kingdom of consciousness.”

“For those of you who have activated your shamanistic and native cultural memories, you will know that part of the teachings of native cultures was how to go into various realities and change form. The shamans in certain cultures were revered for this. They carried genetic coding, and there were very few on the planet in relation to the entire population. They held the magic and mystery and kept the process alive. They were able to move in the forms of animals and various other shapes and guises. This was quite a profound science, indeed.
Because this science exists on the planet, of course, it also exists off the planet. Earth is a "happening" place right now, a hot spot. It is coded to start its own revolution – not necessarily just a revolution in the United States to change lifestyle, but a dimensional shift that is going to alter all of the space around Earth.”

“Your purpose is to carry information and, by carrying it, to make the information accessible to others by frequency. When we share a story with you, you end up carrying information. Information is light; light is information. The more you become informed, the more you alter your frequency. You are electromagnetic creatures, and everything that you are, you broadcast to everyone else. Just as you can recognize someone in fear, you can recognize someone in joy if you begin to learn how to use your body to tune into this kind of recognition.
Your assignment is to carry information and to evolve yourself to the highest capability within the human form. When you do this, you cannot help but affect multitudes. You may feel that your particular occupation is not on a grand scale say, for instance, you are a waitress. Remember, things are not what they appear to be on the outside, and everyone you come in contact with is affected by your vibration.

Some of you may be left in very menial or mundane jobs for a while, or you may be led simply to be parents and guardians of your children, or you may do work that you feel is not exactly on the road to high glory. Yet you will have a certain time period in which you must assimilate all of this information that is indeed radical. You must fit it into your life, and you must fit it into the history of your world by living it, perceiving it, and getting used to it. Once you can consistently maintain a frequency of information and not be riding the roller coaster of emotions up and down because you don't know who you are, you will be given a task. It will be put before you, and it will be part of your blueprint. Your blueprint is your own personal detailed plan or outline of action for this lifetime.
Many of you already know your blueprint and what you will be guided to. Each of you knows your plan in the deepest portion of your being. What gets in the way of your knowing is logically thinking […]”

Be aware that, in this new chaos of consciousness and confusion and shifting of uncertainty, there is a divine order.
This could be compared to baking a cake.

Each ingredient in the recipe is of itself an integral whole and has its own sense of structure: the eggs, the flour, the butter, the sugar. When you begin to put them all together, it looks as if you are making chaos. Someone could say, "You are wrecking everything. You wrecked that egg. Where did the sugar go? You are wrecking all of the essential elements here." They don't understand, perhaps, the magic of the catalytic formula of heat. There is a catalytic energy present at this time on the planet as all of the individual structures begin to melt and merge to create what looks like chaos. There will be something newborn out of this, just like a cake is born out of the chaos of mixing together certain ingredients. Someone who does not understand that after you mix cake batter, you put it in the oven to bake it, could look at the goopy batter and think they made nothing.

Members of the Bringers of the Dawn or the Family of Light work in teams.
You don’t go into systems alone.
You need each other to do this work because you cannot hold the frequency by yourself.
By going in as teams, you increase the odds of successfully carrying out the plan.
You are like rays and light spirals of the central sun that are very intelligent, and you are guided by a great intelligence inside the central sun." — Excerpts from the Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak

With you, I bear myself ... better.
Around you, I see myself... better.
You are!
Suddenly, life feels.
And I whirl.
And twirl ...

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