The Corridor Leads To Home, Dearest Damascus…

Each and every one of the cobbles is deploying me into your Heaven:


Your Heart be My Home, the very Casa Blanca!

I can feel my steps… touch your ground,

I am kissing the vibration of you,



Within You,

I’d whirl and twirl —

forever now.


Make no mistake, in 2022, all roads are leading me,

to You,

My Dearest.


That space between the two lineups of cobbles,

A corridor…

the space where everything becomes.



There’s no beginning and no end

to our being One


A corridor…

📸 Copyright:
Mr. Omar Khateeb

December 30th, 2021, through the districts of Old Damascus


Repost from Levant Cafe: Damascus - London - Manchester - Casablanca

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