The Mosaic of My Life Delivers A New Rose


"We are all fools in love."

~ Pride & Prejudice (movie script)


The Mosaic of My Life Delivers A New Rose


"What are you…?

Tell me, now: what are you?


A Game Changer?

A Soul Provider?

Or, the Gentleman delivering Happy Moments?


A Consciousness Reader?

A Magic “Seeder"?

Or, A Fountain of Sweetness?


A Flipper of Laughs and Gags?

A Bridge of Light called From Now Onwards?

Or, A Man pulling out jokes from his accordion?


A Chef orchestrating delicious tiramisu?

A Man speaking lyrics.


Or, A Chosen of the Chosen.

And, A Healer from the Healers."


The skies have split open to deliver you, too.

Light upon Light delivers one and the same message as Light from Light.

Though the texts in the Holy Books and Records of Time might slightly differ, the essence is the same.


And the question is: What of you, Rose … of the Now?

What of you?

Make no mistake, the ear of the soul shall be guided by

the harp of the stars.

I know, I know.
The only way to anything, and everything … is to bear with and in the moment.

In the here and now, today remains marked in the universe.

The day I have been gifted a Happy Moments Box of Damascus, verily, in the Heart of Bucharest.

A Box of Damascus bearing the essence of the Damascene mosaic art. Hence Damascene craftsmanship has deployed itself, verily, into the mosaic of my life.


You have got to want to create sheer magic to deliver such moments to a Damascene in Europe, since the age of 9.

You have got to be in earnest, to deliver a joyful bag full of colorful presents, filled with Damascus, the crimson velvet rose and other pieces of magic, wrapped in the fragrant smell of Istanbul: apple.

A fragrance that takes me both to Souq al Hamidiye — The Bazaar of Damascus and the narrow alleys around the Spices Bazaar in Istanbul.

Two memories in one stroke of a fragrance.

And you have got to be kidding me, for this… this is totally unexpected.

Tell me, now: When in Heaven’s name have I ever, ever, been able to predict anything about my life?


Bear with me now.

Bear with me, my darling, sweetest Damascene Rose!

For I am,


with the moment...



Text on the box, in Arabic:

دمشق الحب
Damasc(a) iubirii
Damascus of Love

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