ONLY LOVE … within… Damascene Rose

Only LOve



2022, said Only Love.
Do you hear me, now?
Can you hear me, now?

Let us listen and hear the beat, thoroughly:

Only Love

Only Love ... when I talk about Damascus.

It’s ma source!

Only love when I am talking to you.

You’re the source…

You, my dearest:

… to Bucharest ... Istanbul ... worldwide, and back …

There is only Love…

The only currency accepted by these very lungs of mine:


What would you expect of me?
I have been sniffing … Damascene jasmine and Damascene roses, ever since my lungs have kissed Damascus, for the very first time.
And as the song goes… Only Love:

"How many lessons have we really learned?

How many bridges could we cross instead of burn?

Why do we find it hard to forgive?

Are we so blinded that it’s easy to forget?

Only Love

Only Love can save us now

Keep the world from burning

down, down, down

to the ground, ground, ground

Only Love

Can look inside a human heart

and see us for who we are

and who we are

would be enough


if only there was only


only love!

only love!

only love!

only love!

only love!

only love!

only love!

only love!

only love!

only looooooooooove" * - 11


Lyrics of the song Only Love by "Fearless Soul" featuring Rachael Schroeder.  I have loved it. What about you?

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