100% Flowing with The Divine Breeze amidst Damascene Rose

... one more letter to Raphael


"Dear Raphael,

How do you do?

It seems that… this is how the story goes:

As a humanitarian, you have my support... as soon as the e-mail I sent, regarding the humanitarian call, is answered.

And I must say: I can’t know whether your cause is right or wrong.

Nevertheless, I am supporting your wretched soul.


As far as my "womanity" is concerned … za you know

what I mean, you have ACCESS DENIED.

Moreover, I kindly urge you to:
STAND BACK, Raphael.


When/if she's making out with a gentleman... it means the heart! her heart is beating for him. Hence for someone else, namely someone who is not you, Raphael. As a consequence of this fact, the cookie responds to the rhythm played by the heart.

Note! A Lady Star Seed shall always have her cookie connected to her heart...

Unfortunately, a "man" cannot enforce himself into a Lady's cookie. This ain't an Atari or a Call of Duty/"Cookie" game. The "cookie" does not crack open upon remote command. The "cookie" turns responsive to the beat... of the loving heart. And not, to a commanding one:

"I command you to crack yourself open!"

Why? I hear/feel you have asked.
The answer slides through: "THE DIVINE Advises SO."
"STAND DOWN, Raphael.
You are being kept away from me.

For reasons I don’t know of and about …

I'll try to guess a few, though:

  • your being too possessive
  • previous unsolicited intrusion into my professional life
  • remote siege on my communication with the outside world
  • … etc… etc… etc...
Good news though! I am not a commodity, I am a Lady with A Soul...

And I must thank you & Co for all the above because it seems that the Divine has been working through you.

I have been protected during Hard Times.

Thank You. Much obliged I am!

Stay Safe.
Stay Blessed.

I have been asking and praying for guidance.

And you & Co have been redirected on the path, where you belong: HUMANITARIAN SERVICE.

Please do have that e-mail answered.

Let us join, hand in hand, all together, for and in the service of giving away and planting petals of TRUE LOVE into the universe, as Citizens of Humanity.


Moreover, given the nature of your lifestyle … which is kinda dry for the juice of my soul, apparently, a You and I wouldn’t function.

There’s dryness in there… as a consequence of your lifestyle.


I met you amidst the Arid Desert of the Depression.

Now I am joyfully swimming in the Stream of Love and Affection.

In bona fide I am telling you, it’s a tremendous upgrade, for me.

And, truth be told: I am loving it.

I can't walk back into a soulless, heartless, feelingless desert.

I can only walk forward, grounded in the pond of clarity, always guided by the Star of Damascus.


Needless to say, I have been receiving your “messages", I have.

How could I not?

They are everywhere. Even when I am making out with another gentleman.

I understand the nature and the matter of your circumstances.

So what? First, you block, and then, you guide?

In a nutshell:

The Divine has intervened — not in your favor or for a possible  "you and I"!
And — I swear on Damascus that I didn’t know.
I thought I was going to meet you.

And … supposedly, that was a Divine Arrow meant for me to meet him, a gentleman ...

The Rose sent through on the Divine Arrow...


Mark the Divine, Rafael!
Mark the Divine.


And to conclude this open letter to you, the guidance I have received from the Divine reads: "Rafael is definitely not the one for you". Hence I cannot, I WILL NOT couple with you.

The Divine Clearance has not been granted to you.

The Stairs of Damascus have not sprung open towards you.


Stand down, stand down, Raphael.

Nevertheless, the Divine seems to have been working through you & Co:

Guys talk (over the phone) and compliment.

Guys intend. So have you been... an endless thread of intention ... drying everything on the way.

The One and Only has the story unfold.
That's how you know he might be the One.

The story is.

The thread of the story is leading me by the hand.

It's in the making...

Hence, I can't tell everything, everything yet.

And I am — foreseeing a very beautiful story.



The past two years which I consider as One Long Beautiful Year have been, verily, the present of the Divine for me to Enjoy Life. And...

Heal from everything, everything.

Your bloody, foggy, ugly, and sad intervention included.

I am publicly stating and reiterating that you have my support Only as a Citizen of Humanity… although you have acted like a dry bitch.

Your actions haven’t been humane…

We may cooperate as citizens of humanity, as soon as that e-mail I have sent, is answered. Let us try to give that Lady a helping hand...

As such, I sing my song: I come from a Rose, the Damascene Rose …
"ALWAYS". Here too.
Only, for you NOT as a Woman but — as a friend of humanity."



A Damascene, on Her Beautiful Starry Way


P. S. For once,  ACT somewhere close to a gentleman, and not — like a vagabond. For 1001 more time, in vain, I am kindly asking you to do so. 

Thank you in advance for your kind/ lack of/ understanding.

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