Mihai Eminescu — Verily, The Essence of Romania

Mihai Eminescu

Mihai Eminescu...


and the following phrases:

The National Poet

The Eternal Poet

The Eternal Spirit

The Transcendental Spirit

Verily, the Once in A Lifetime Genius

The Passionate Scribe

The embodiment of the Romanian Gentleman

And whatever one would or could write, it can't be


After all, as we like to say, here in Romania, Mihai Eminescu is by right the Unpaired Romanian Poet...


So what could I say?

I love Mihai Eminescu.

I adore his genius, love his verse and all of his writings. When words stem from the Eminescu ink words transcend life, transcend matter, transcend the essence itself.


Hence what next?

Let us indulge the ink of His Quotes and Writing.

Shall we?


"I understand that a man can have everything having nothing and nothing having everything.

Am înțeles că un om poate avea totul, neavând nimic, și nimic având totul."


"The Sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love.

Cerul viseaza stele, pamantul viseaza iubirea."


"Read! It is only by reading always that your mind will turn into a laboratory of endless ideas and imaginations.

Citeste! Numai citind mereu, mintea ta va deveni un laborator nesfarstit de idei si imaginatii.”


And I can hear my grannie, Mamaie Eugenia's "commandment":

Thou shalt read. Thou shalt read. TU sa citesti!


 "Every human being is a repeated question asked to the spirit of the Universe.

Fiecare om e o întrebare pusă din nou Universului.


"Or is it that behind life's curtains there lies a director whose mere existence we cannot explain?

Nu cumva îndărătul culiselor vieţii e un regizor, a cărui existenţă n-o putem explica?”

― Sărmanul Dionis

And there was Light.
Roses willing, I'd inhabit this street, I would.

Long live His Spirit.
Long live His Spirit.

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