By The Rhythm of Julieta’s Heart…


By The Rhythm of Julieta’s Heart...

I have thought of several posts for today.

And I have been writing.

Whilst I’d decided to post about Damascus, this short  entertaining scene sneaked through:

I was in the kitchen speeding my way out to leave Madame Julieta, mother, with the kitchen.

She is a smoker. I am not.

So I grabbed my vanilla-scented mug of hot tea and I was about to get out of the kitchen when, out of the rose, I sang. Or, she sang. Or, we both sang at the same time:

"Goodbye my love, goodbyyyyyyye!
Goodbye and au revoir
As long as you remember me
I'll never be too far."

And we're both like: who is the singer?"

We both had a blank. Couldn't remember his name.

Most of the time we can’t match in terms of frequency, Juliet and I.

I speak rainbowish, Mother replies in "pragmatikish"...

and the message evaporates, oftentimes.

Only this time, we have tuned perfectly in the tempo of the music.

I am a Damascene… Romanian.

Mother is Romanian.

Whilst I bear the genes of Damascus, too, in my veins, she does not.

Music, lyrics, and tempo had us tune in, as One — mother and daughter, daughter and mother.

I rushed towards my computer to google the singer of “Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye”

And the answer popped up: Artemios Demis Ventouris Roussos.

Mother is right by my side. And we are both singing:

"Goodbye my love, goodbye
I always will be true
So hold me in your dreams
'Til I come back to you."

You see one of the main benefits this pandemic has brought into my life is the interstellar enhancement of our mother-daughter bond, verily, in this order.

Are you kidding me, Julieta has got the groove tonight!

“I was young once,” Mother tells me and she’s beaming with pleasure.

Cool madre mia!

Keep this groove going, madre, keep this groove going!

"When it's love you give ..."

— Brian Adams

"Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailin’" — Rod Stewart

Madame Julieta remembers some of the singers she’d listen to. I look at her and she seems to be above the Cloud Nr.9 of Remembrance.

All those singers you would listen to when you were teenagers.

Those were good ones.

“Oh, Liverpool, City of Music and of the best singers.”

We say at the same time: "Rod Stewart”.

I feel my mouth open into saying: Brian Adams.

Mother agrees.

"There were many others… and some good bands, too", she adds to the enumeration.

“Take That, Boyzone?” I ask her.

"Yes, you had very good singers in your time, too," she keeps on reading through Cloud No 9 of Remembrance.

“Whitney Houston, Maria Carey…, Micheal Jackson,” my mouth goes on enumerating.

“Micheal is not my type,” comes through Mother's reply.

“Neither mine. And yet he was a great performer.” Mother’s golden daughter-child had a huge crush on MJ.

"There was that song, a trio sang it,” Mother remembers.

“Yes, yes, yes. All for One and One for All — Rod Stewart, Brian Adams, and ... my gosh, I am having a blank.”

In the meanwhile, youtube delivers and we are hearing Rod Stewart sing Rhythm of My Heart:

"Oh, the rhythm of my heart
Is beatin' like a drum
With the words "I love you"
Rolling off my tongue
Oh, never will I roam
Now I know my place is home
Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailin’"

"When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show"

— Rod Stewart, Brian Adams, Sting

"When it's love you make
(I'll be the fire in your night)
Then it's love you take
(I will defend, I will fight)
I'll be there when you need me
When honor's at stake
This vow I will make, yeah
That it's all for one and all for love
Let the one you hold be the one you want
The one you need
'Cause when it's all for one, it's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
And make it all for one and all for love."


And I have just turned towards Juliet, as father calls his wifey, and asked her in plain English:

"Any other music requests for tonight, Madame?"

And mother replied to me in her French-accented English: "Not tonight. Maybe Tomorrrrrrow."

Cheers to a today where —
it’s "all for one and one for love”

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