That Ice Cream, Baby… That Ice Cream


The Ice Cream of Damascus ...

A Taste of My Childhood!

The top craving I have had, lately: Damascene Arab Ice Cream.

Al Buzza Al Madu'aaa!!!

The Damascenes are on the move.

They have been forced into relocating and developing

their business worldwide.

Thankfully, they are creating the buzza, buzza in London,

Manchester, and Casablanca.

Wonderful news, baby!

Baby, I must tell you this is a lifesaving piece of news.

All I have to do is buy myself a ticket, grab my suitcase,

and fly miles away to one of the aforementioned cities

to indulge the taste of my childhood: the Damascene Ice


Cost per Dive into the Damascene Ice Cream =  ?
Can anyone help me with the calculation?

And since the traveling restrictions have been lifted,

happiness and joy.

I could fly all the way ... between
Bucharest and Casablanca, 3125.2 km,
Bucharest and London, 1.300  km,
Bucharest and Manchester 2.282 km,  for this delicious ice cream.
Distance between Damascus & Bucharest — 1531 km, around 6h 55 m.
Distance between me and Damascus = a breath ... a 


And, I couldn't and wouldn't have it, in one of our

Damascene Houses, back Home.

I wonder why ...


Indeed, the delicious Kahraman Maras, the ice cream of

Turkiye, or the Sicilian ice-cream of Taormina taste



Al Buzza of Damascus bears a different taste: that of

Home, verily a recipe of Damascus.

Gentlemen, what are you talking about?
I know I have my eyes set on this exquisite Lineup!

A Craftmanship of Tradition...

... bearing


 ... the Taste of Home!

God Bless you,
Dear Gentlemen,
and God Bless the Ice Cream of Damascus!

Photos: FB Media Source, the Humans of Damascus

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