Blue, Yellow… Blue, Yellow…


Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow…


Sad news broadcast the agencies,

The soul is blue,

stricken with grief;

The heart grows yellow,

tinged with sorrow.


War at the border!


Weeping sky,

Sorrow yellow.


Hands join together

a gentle prayer —

for blue, and yellow,

blue and yellow.



24th of February 2022 - the Day Humanity has lost (of) its colors, once again.
If only we could move forward, and not, backward.
If only ...

Tomorrow, the 25th of February at 9 pm, I am joining

more than 1000 souls on a spiritual group,

to pray,  jointly, for Peace and Planetary Protection.

We are to be using the Violet Flame Meditation.

Feel free to pray with us, wherever you may be, in the rite and manner that suits you. I pray in my own rite of love, as well. 

Writing a few heartful and intentional words or a poem on love, peace, or humanity can also be a prayer.


It might not be much... words and feelings are all I have; all I can give away and send through on the frequency... for the People of Ukraine.


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