LOVE and A Gentle Prayer to You, Humans of Ukraine, Humans of the World

Love in Bloom by Sara on Twitter 💕
“When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace.”
― Jimi Hendrix

LOVE and A Gentle Prayer to You,

Humans of Ukraine,

Humans of The World

On 22.22.2022, as of 22:oo all through the time interval

up to 22:22, we have prayed for Ukraine, Julieta, and I.

For Ukraine, and us all, and mama Terra.

We have united the two of us as One, into sending rays of

love, light, and high vibrational wishes of peace, Rose

damn it!

For Peace!

Having no idea an attack would be commanded on the

land country called Ukraine today.

As I am writing this, I can’t help it. Teardrops are

running down my cheeks.

I can’t help it.

As the Romanian writer, Camil Petrescu, describes it best, it is the "Last
Night of Love and the First Night of War."

And, if the Universe could have a more bizarre sense of

synchronicity: today, the 24th of February, marks the

traditional Romanian Spring Feast of Dragobete.

A day to never be forgotten. One more war was started,

verily, at the borders of Europe.

And this is too close, too caliente, and somehow,


In Europe?

In 2022?

War can be allowed somewhere else, but not in Europe.

I say:

"STOP THE WAR, everywhere, everywhere!"

Only, love and humanity can't generate money, allegedly.

So I have been told...

Many, many times.

"There never was a good war and a bad peace."
— Benjamin Franklin
Love in Bloom by Sara on Twitter 💕
If Only Politicians and Leaders of the World Would Take It Outside
 Mother Gaya!

The land is God’s.

The only God there is… the Divine Breeze, the Universe,

Allah. However you may call, however, you may refer to

The Source.

To my belief, having leaders act like gods, in 2022, makes

us extremely, extremely primitive, as a race.

Murdering innocent children, innocent people, even

innocent soldiers — since, it's their job, they are

commanded into going to war! all with one view, alone:

to increase the grip on power, and for the money.

"All for the money", as the song goes.


"If to be human is to be violent, then human needs to wake up to
metahuman,"  advises Mr. Deepak Chopra

It is Mr. Chopra's vision and manner to express the

essence of humanity. So be it.

How do you bring out the essence of "you",
the essence of "who you are",
the fragrance of "you",
into the New World of Humanity?


I for one see (Damascene) roses, speak rosish, and spill a

drop of the

essence of rose,

every here and there,

every now and then:


Is this even human? This insatiability for more, and

more, and more, is this even, human?


What of this bloody, primitive, survival mode story we

keep passing on, and on, from generation to generation?

What about us? Remember? Micheal Jackson's famous


When will the talk on human catastrophe, when will the

narrative of sapiens change, disruptively, once and for

all, habibi, once and for all, not for the better, rather, into



Somehow... a disruption is happening, already.

We are bringing new energy.

We are new energy and we simply can't fit into the old

system. Maybe this is what all this clash is about.

Nevertheless, if only we could spare the lives of so many innocent

I was born in '82, in Damascus, moved with my family, in installments, to Bucharest, in '92. Will you bear with me as I make a short review of the marvelous happenings I have lived and heard of so far, as of 2010?

Following the Arab Spring in several countries,

out of the hollow,

completely unexpected, to us,

2011-present - The War in SYRIA, deemed, at the time,


"Syria 'worst man-made disaster since World War II' – UN rights chief."

2014-present - The Civil War in YEMEN with, I quote

"Half of the population facing 'pre-famine conditions'",

according to BBC, ( 24 October 2018).

2021-present - MADAGSCAR is subject to a severe

drought which has resulted in, I quote:

"A prolonged drought in the deep south of the island has

left 1.3 million people struggling to find food and 28,000

facing starvation." (BBC, 10 December 2021)

August 2020 - the Port of BEIRUT was literally blown

away to tiny pieces.

16 August 2021 - present — "KABUL has fallen" read

most of my friends' walls from PR specialists to laymen,

and so on, and so forth. There had been harsh facts in

Afghanistan, for a while, minutely portrayed in Khaled

Hosseini's books. There had been an ongoing war for

years and we - remembered the struggle of the Afghan

People when the media sang in choir: "Kabul has fallen!"

And now: UKRAINE! Ukraine in on fire!


Oh, boy! The Covid-19 Pandemic. How could I have

missed it? Apologies. I must have lost myself in the

stream of the aforementioned terrible enumeration.


Please feel free to add up should I have missed anything


Moreover, please join me in sending petals and rays of

roses to those regions, too.



When Sapiens allows for war elsewhere, say in the land

of milk and honey called the Middle East, or any other

part of the world, and looks — the other way,

Sapiens ought to think that one day even those patches of

land might become insufficient.

And whatever was planted, it could backfire.

God forbid, somewhere, elsewhere.

And this time, it has backfired, verily, at the outskirts of


Whilst the "powers", "stake holders" have been used to wars

being conducted "somewhere else, far away from us", now, it's

here. Verily, at the borders.

It has turned caliente.

Hopefully, it's for a better moviemiente of the world, in the long

run. Hopefully, the world will get rid of the rule by despotism

and lack of sense and sensibility towards Human Rights and the

God-given right: the Right to Exist.


At what cost?

Human lives.

Do we ever get to read or to stumble into any piece of news

about the devaluation  of a Human Life?

On the pricelessness and impossibility to bring back dead


This magical potion called "essence of humanity"... there is

mere shortage of it.

Habibi, in 2011! in ...! in 2020! And now, again, in 2022!

Where do we get it, where do we get this essence of humanity

in 2022?

Oh, Dear!

Oh, Heart!


God be with you, Humans of Ukraine!

May God protect you and US ALL, now and always!


I for one keep the Faith in

God, in the Source;

in the Prophets (PBUH);

in Jesus (PBUH);

according to the Holy Qu’ran, Jesus (PBUH) is to descend among us, again.  The Quran reveals the Second Coming of Jesus. - Quran (43:61)

in Mohammad (PBUH).


in all the Entities of Light and all the Angels.

in Light over Darkness.
Love over anything ... that is not Love.

* * *.      ***.      ***.     ***.      ***.      ***.        ***.      ***.

Even in Aliens.

Every being that is not necessarily human, but necessarily humane, an awakened being, somewhere, out there, in other galaxies: loving, caring, and nurturing for the soul.

Mr. Deepak Chopra, author of MetaHuman 2019, as he
has developed on the METAHuman concept:
METAVERSE     = SANGHA / (the Rose)/
Cheers to awakened beings!


Country Land called Ukraine, God be with your every

single soul, child, and human on your territory and out of

your territory.

May God be with you, and protect you all the way.

May petals of Love and Safety pour down on us ALL, as

One Golden Shower of Light!

This post was written in solidarity with the sufferances of

the Humans of Ukraine, and those of the Humans of the

World, in all war-afflicted areas as we speak now.

It's not much, though.

Only a drop of the essence of the Damascene Rose.

P.S. The energy of war across the border has been felt, right over here,

I have been agitated, irritated, and have felt

extremely drained, all day long. I could barely

walk on my feet. What can I do? I am a

natural empath, and perhaps, an artist.

Inherently, I feel - too much. Hence, even if

one stays away from the news, energy — feels.

For, what one plants, one creates and it

reverberates, worldwide.

Hence, stay wise, sapiens! Stay wise!


Ya Rab! / Dear God!








… and as a Hybrid, I like to think that either we are One in the individualization of our Oneness, as Humans of this Planet, or we are None, in the Noneness of indifference.

WFP Saving Lives Changing Lives


ICRC for Yemen

Khaled Hosseini Foundation  for Afghanistan

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