Springtime On A Snowy Day

... He went and planted a snowdrop
in the Ocean of Feeling !

... He went and  filled the shadow of  his presence
in Snowdrop White!

... a moment sprang into a wide smile:


Alas, my life!


My dearest, my life has turned responsive.

Responsive to who I am and to the brand new soil and  energy I have planted in the past years of "in-between".



Thank you!

Thank You, Dear Gentlemen!

Thank you, Dear Friend-Roses of my life,

for your Thoughtfulness,


and for the Hearty "Martisor"

you have gifted me.


It's the magic of Martisor, baby!


The Herald of Spring,

of the New Energy to Bloom:



I don't know much but I know I have embraced

"this moment"  — tight ...




Photo Concept: The Painter of Words 

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