Kelly Cobiella, NBC. And Racism Shows Up


Racism At Its peak, on the News, LIVE, 2022,

the 3rd Millennium



Kelly Cobiella, NBC:
"Just to put it bluntly: these are not refugees from Syria. These are refugees from neighbouring Ukraine. And that, frankly, is part of it. These are Christians, they’re white.”




And the arrow springs from the Heart of Humanness into the Sky of Non-humanity reading:
"Racisté, Non-Humanité, Non-égalité".



يا عني على هيك صحافة
يا عني على هيك ثقافة
يا عني على هيك سخافة

ما هنين بيض و عيونون ملونين، يا عبقرية الانسانية

r Peace-3
And, Syrians are white, a percentage of them are Christian.
And, ALL the Humans, Out There, every single one of
them possesses the God-given right to exist, irrespective
of Colour, Race, or Creed, and to not be invaded and
dislocated from the International
Colonialists and Imperialists, especially — since it's the
3rd Millennium, 2022.







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