The United Colours of Love #1 Blue


The United Colours of Love... #1

Hard time, my dearest.

Hard times.

Nonetheless, depite it all, flowers bloom.

From the earth, from the ground, or from

the skies, flowers bloom.

This time, on my way, I have stumbled

into the blue.

I sent the photos to my very good and

blessed friend PAul, an Enlightened

Ranbowish Soul of Romania.

His reply?

Indeed. Flowers bloom as sheer

rainbows into our lives.

The colours of life, the colours of hope,

the colours of our existence.

On our way, from grass, from the pot, or

the vase, or from the ceiling, or hanging

on the walls of buildings, flowers smile

their colours at us.

Flowers... verily, a token of existence!

The token that we are alive.

And that, no matter what, the show goes


It must - go on.

Even if nothing is left, flowers stem, even

from rocks.

Thankfully, flowers embellish our lives

with their colours of Humanity: Beauty,

Life, and Hope.

Today, I have stumbled into curtain blue.

Hence, I am.

I am sharing the United Colours of Love

under the auspices of Blue, with You.





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