Pigeons… I’ll Be Seeing You Around


Oh, Dear Pigeons,

I'll Be Seeing You Around...

Now and Always Now


The Peaceful Unit of Humanity has stepped in —

to eye's delight,


a  garrison of the Messengers of Hope,

a United Batallion of Soulfulness,

a Heavenly Detachment of Rescue—

for heart’s rosy balm


a Squadron of Pure Intention,

a Troop of Friendship,

by right,

a Legion of Colourful Humanity --

for soul’s elevation.


A company breathing life into and onto the park,

across the surroundings,

manifesting love — all through,

hence, raising the vibration!

The Bringers of Hope are marching in.
The Bringers of Peace have stepped in.
The Bringers of Humanity have intervened, already.

They have been uplifting the frequency of Humanity

every little step, on the way,

with every fluttering of the wings,

and with every breath, given away,

for Ages.

I embrace them and I embrace every moment spent with

them. How would you tell?

While sharing a Romanian bagel - covrig - with them,

and my dear friend Ioan,

I started talking to them in Arabic. 

Couldn't help it!

I love them,


here and worldwide,

to Damascus and forward. 



Now and always now.

Photos: 1st: iPhone & 2nd: Nikon

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