The United Colours of Spring #2 Salmon


The United Colours of Spring #2



All it takes is one week to not be able to go out and walk,

to not be able to stand on your feet,

to whirl and twirl in the migraine maze accompanied by

the horse cough and then,

slide and glide on the couch as a consequence of a

running nose, all because of the Covid 19 Tempest.

As the Romanian saying goes, I might have drowned a

tiny bit like a gypsy at the shore.

Joke aside, it wasn’t that bad. It was more severe in

comparison with an influenza and yet, it wasn’t the end

of the world.

Somehow, I believe, I should care to talk about this,

in a separate post.

For two days, I had lost my smelling and taste senses.

So you can imagine, my dearest, the joy I felt upon

stepping into the United Colours of Spring, in the heart

of Cismigiu Gardens.


I could sense the core notes of spring.

I could sniff her… and her colours in.

Oh boy, the feeling of spring… this sense of humanity has

got me… feeling!

Has gotten me sensing my perfumes, again.

Thank GOD!

Can you imagine, my dearest, how it felt for me, a
Damascene Hybrid, not to be able to sense my perfumes and essential

For certain, feeling ought not be taken for granted…


“Don't allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The
mind gives up easily" ― Paulo Coelho




The Heart -- feels  rses:

Hope and Homes for the Children of Romania

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