… into the Ramadan Sunsets #1

Ramadan sunset

… every day and every time the Sunsets, from our window too, are pure magic!

Not only are we blessed to have a far view of Romania's Royal Palace, though almost indistinguishable, also, we - too, are witnesses of these Divine Sunsets.

Only this year… this year, my dearest, it’s ... it's as if the Divine Brush has enchanted us, somehow differently and uniquely.

The Divine Brush has brought about Sunsets… somehow firey, somehow rainbow painting-like, somehow undefined.

The kind of Sunsets you want to do your best to take the best shot of.

Only the painting of light called Photograph can’t possibly capture the whole of this Divine Beauty. Not -- in its Entirety.

Still, it can have us immortalize certain parts or angles of its hues and magic.

And I… I lose myself to the Sunsets of Ramadan!

Red Sunset

Earbuds in my ears, faith in my heart, I am listening to the Tarawi7 Prayers, live from the Mosque in Damascus:

Surat Maryam, the Chapter in the Holy Qu'ran dedicated to Mother Mary!

(And so be it said that the tarawi7 prayers represent the Ramadan additional prayer, for as long as 30 days, after sunset, as much and as far as the Month of Ramadan goes, accompanying the mandatory daily five Salawat in which chapters from the Holy Qu'ran are read.)


The colours of the sunset
Melt in,
Hope blooms outwards:
"Ramadan, ajmal Ramadan!"

The sky sparks into magical hues
Divine is the gift
"I have left you this clue"
it seems to read:

Faith is here!

Ramadan Sunset

My Dearest,

Keep the Faith

Keep the Love

by sharing it with each and every Sunset ...

Ramadan sunset


Let us remember Yemen:




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