Great Friday Sunsets #3


… and, as she meditated amidst the petals of the rose, connecting to every hue of the Magnificent Sunset Painting, through prayer, she crossed the threshold into the Realm of Communion… with God and the Ascended Masters.

Hence, she asked herself: "Could I be truly connected to the Divine Realm and see only One Ascended Master?

What if I can’t help it and I love them BOTH? I LOVE. I love them, all.

After all, Jesus (PBUH) and His spirit were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Quran, too.

And, the Quran foretells the Second Coming of Jesus.

Hence, since Love is a state of being, wouldn't it be a “feeling dissonance” to be able to love a Prophet and not love the “Other” Prophet?

Perhaps, ‘Love thy neighbor as you love thyself’ refers to ‘love thy other… with tolerance’. Love thy other.

Maybe, the Divine has other surprises in store for us, Humans, according to His Majestic Clock."

And all of her thoughts formed a line with that of the horizon blending with the hues of the Sunset...

“How can we love by separating from the 'other' when love is the essence of accepting the differences, verily, Our Oneness?

And what of — diversity? Would we want to wake up only to One “I am”?

Clone ourselves and live only with and amidst copies of who we are. I don’t know about you, but I… I find that quite dull. Boring to the scratch of the thought.

Waking up only to the kindreds of myself… seeing clones of myself everywhere... should be… very, very boring.”

Perhaps, “neighbor" refers to the “other”, the different culture, race, creed, and set of beliefs.

What if:
my life path is different from yours. And yours is OK, and so is mine?
If differences be the spices, LOVE is the main dish, for the benefit of Humanity…

I am a brunette, and you are a blond. Brunette is the opposite of blonde. And both are very OK. We don’t have to adopt each other’s hair preferences.

Nevertheless, we can accept our different approaches and preferences when it comes to wearing our hair and this ought not to interfere with our Sense of Humanity.

We don’t have to assimilate the differences of what “the other is”… only, Humanity ought to urge us and even somehow have a current of warmth lead us by the hand into taking humane and mindful steps, every time.


Between you and me, as I lose myself to the colours of this sunset when both the Sun of the Orthodox Easter and the Sun of Ramadan meet on the same Sky:

"Could I be a mother, and love my child(ren) alone… and care not about the children of the world?" is a thought that crosses my mind.

"The refugees are at the borders, the outskirts of Europe, that's why we have decided to postpone our departure", a mother once flung her anger with disgust, at me, back in 2015.

And I have failed.

I have failed to see... that hospitality and humanity can be selective and preferential.

How could I have?

When Tataie Gheorghe, my Romanian grandpa, from the heart of Bucharest, and, Jdo Rushi, my Damascene Syrian Levantine Arab have been, verily, the Outspring of Humanity… On the one hand, Jdo Rushdi had welcomed the blue-eyed Romanian Christian, opening the Gates from Damascus, for her, as if she were one of their own.

On the other hand, Tataie Gheorghe himself had welcomed my father, his colleagues, and friends, as well as Yemenis, Africans, and other nationalities into his house. I am talking tolerance, acceptance, and Romanian hospitality.

So it follows that my cool grandpas, on both sides, were Distinguished Gentlemen and Men of Vision.

You see… I have been blind to the concept of “otherness”.

I wasn’t brought up that way. I was brought up in the Temple of Acceptance.

Separation is not the language my hybrid DNA speaks …

And let us all rest assured that the Womb of Damascus has borne infinite and infinite civilizations. Her DNA speaks of Inclusion and not of Separation.

That does not mean that I haven’t been served many portions of “you are different” and fingerpointing.

But those days have melted with the long-gone sunsets. In the here and now, I am happy to have met my soul tribe.


The Divine Realm projects clarity.

Once the heart is there, connected through being and prayer, the differences bother no more.

The mind… the mind takes over. Sometimes, fragmented by unfounded pieces of news, or, other times, by true pieces of news.

And, you might wonder why I am thinking out loud here, on my storyboard.

Yet, if I don’t think out loud, here, on my storyboard, then where, and when?

In my head… or over the nuances of this amazing painting.

So inspiring a moment!

The frames are here, every day, ready to be filled, again, with the colours poured by the Divine Brush.

And I can assure you, my dearest, there are no two sunsets alike.

The vibrance of the sunset differs in color and intensity from second to second.
Only the Sky… is here displaying Its Canvas to all the nuances and all the 365 Sunsets of the Year.
The Sky never, ever, withdraws its frames from the Canvas of the Sunset.
I am telling you, my dearest, I might have become a professional alchemist by inhabiting the "Now"!

And do you know what that means? May I break it into 11, for you:

1. Presence: I inhabit my being, in full.

2. Acceptance: I make peace with the present moment.

3. Connectivity: I dive into the now and play with it.

4. Letting go: I peacefully surrender to the moment.

5. Gratefulness: I am thankful for the here and the now.

6. Self-Love: I have come to accept and love myself, as I am, with all of my many flaws (my giant 'behind', the Oriental belly, and my mouth which does not seem to cooperate oftentimes when I tell it to keep silent, ...), and all of my qualities, as well.

7. Beauty … beauty of the moment: this moment is unique and isn’t coming back to me, ever.
I’d better appreciate it… and create my unique rosary of nows. Each and every one of us possesses their own beads of now.
That’s what makes it so special. It’s unique. It's ours to keep and ours to revert to, whenever the going gets tough.

8. Faith: bear with me now, bear with me … my dearest! Faith has the tunnel melt away.

9. Confidence: I know and I feel it, right over here: "all is working wonders for me".

10. Family: a galaxy of floating stars within…
Soulful friends, hearty meadows, embracing tree branches, so much to be thankful for when kissing the pillow: "good night"!

11. Now: an infinite of tinier nows melting into the candle of time…

And again, I lose myself to the Easter and Ramadan Sunset!

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