Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights- Damascene Rose

Arabian Nights

It's the 3rd of April....

I am looking outside the window.

My heart is elated.

I am being deployed, by the Veil, into the Realm of Magic:

The veil of the Arabian Night is taking me on a magical ride… above the Dunes of Time, far beyond the Dunes of Separation.


One moment in Bucharest.

One look outside the window teleports me, afar.

What were the odds?

This is the Might of the Divine.

Presence can take us places our mind has never conceived of.

And he is here, so near, behind the veil.

The veil is getting thinner, thinner, and thinner.

I look forward to seeing his lovely face.

The lovely smile on his face.

The veil of magic deploys me within the Dunes of Possibility where Miracles of Love are at Home.


3id Mubarak, dearest Damascus, and World.

Stay Blessed, Stay Loved!

And I’m gone — into the Veil…

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