Shireen Abu Aqleh _ No Weapon in this World can, may or will Kill the Word


Word Cannot Be Killed

Word cannot be killed.

Spirit cannot be crushed.


11 was terrible this month.

Absolutely terrible.

By God, Sapiens you are horrible.

Absolutely horrible, oftentimes!


I am writing this in solidarity with Humanity, Womanhood, and Love of Life.

Even more so, I am writing this because the word, henceforth storytelling, henceforth stories cannot, will not, and may not be killed.

Not because of me, my thoughts, or any line I might drop through, here and now.


My reaction is in cascade, as follows, where:

Lady Journalist, female.

Sniper is manhood holder, male.

The defenseless journalist wearing the vest with the word "vest" written on it got shot by the sniper.

The Sniper male killed the defenseless female journalist.

Not even a vest reading “PRESS” … could save her.

As in... the eyes of a professional sniper failed to see the Caps Lock letters on the vest.


And, I am writing this because it’s so terribly wrong … so terribly wrong to shoot a defenseless woman, in the line of duty: she was doing her job, covering the story of the happenings.

From where I sit, right over here, amidst the petals of roses, this is the equivalent of killing a humanitarian wearing a "Red Cross" vest

or "Have the Humanity, or any drop of it, in You Wake Up, Sapiens Bitch!" vest.

And no, I am not discussing conflict or politics.

I am a Humanist:

You killed a defenseless woman and didn't even allow her to have a decent burial. The convoy of her family and loved ones were subject to an unsolicited attack: Video shows police attacking mourners.

I wonder whether Sapiens was "infused" into doing so.

A Human Being can't be doing so.

The images speak for themselves.

Rosary Rose:
In 2022, in the 3rd Millennium, a sniper shot the woman dead.
In 2022, in the 3rd Millennium, a sniper, the manhood holder, shot the defenseless woman, wearing the vest reading Press, dead.
Rosary Rose:
Word cannot be killed.
Spirit cannot be crushed.

A drop of a kind prayer for Mrs. Shireen Abu Aqleh |

May God rest her Soul and Words in peace.

And, words echoed from the Victorian Age through Lucy Stone (1818-1893):
"Henceforth the leaves of the tree of knowledge were for women, and for the healing of the nations.”

Photo: from my “Pigeons of Humanity” series.

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