Thursday of Ascension — 2022


The Sacrifice for (non-)humanity

Vibrant wings of Hope

Thursday of Ascension :

Christ has Ascended

Christ has Ascended

My Dearest,

Have you felt the intense energies of today?

It's this Energy pushing forward, and forward.

It's non-negotiable.

And, it's you are immersing in the Sea of Change, now!

That's it! And, that's all!

Although I can't explain "it", I can feel it, right over here.

Moreover, this Energy is very uplifting.

As if, the Energy were telling me I am going somewhere nice... somewhere very nice.

Letting me feel protected ... by the Divine.

So comfy and soothing a feeling that I ascend with the waves of the energy into writing and praying and walking meditation.

A generous dance with Life as it is.

So generous a dance.

And while dancing with Life... the self transforms.

The authentic contact with reality is Transformative.

... it's a Peaceful, it's a Magical Blooming Breeze ...

So is the Sunrise!

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