A Short Message to “Blunt Lord”: NO! — Updated!

Short message


Short message



I am impressed. I am very impressed by every single (story) concept. Thank you, very much! Thank you!

Impressed by many of the concepts, but not moved.

It's not that I won't... it is not happening.

My heart ... won't respond.

The lighthouse of platonic humanitarian friendship is constantly asked to be responsive though: you must be very, very ill, since you are acting like this.

Humanitarian aid involves no "balm of roses".

My message remains the same: balmy rose is connected to my heart, and my heart is not responsive, to you, in terms of “romance”, “feeling/ towards a man” … 

Stay... well... in the away... and stay blessed.

And have yourself a pleasant night, away!

She says: "No!"



Iti mulțumesc frumos pentru toate conceptele și sincronicitatile. Multumesc!


Inima mea nu simte "romantza" in ceea ce te priveste.

Inima mea simte "nimic" in ceea ce te priveste; in afara de ce as putea simti pentru un om pe care il intalnesc pe strada.

Se pare ca ai facut o fixatie pentru mine care nu isi are rostul, din punctul meu de vedere.

Fără sa simt, nu pot sa... nimic. Nu exista sentiment de alta factura decat cel uman. De asta reactionez precum un perete.

Ea zice: Nu!

O noapte frumoasa sa ai!

#groundzero #obsessionisbadforthesoul

"She is not interested, in you, as a man or anything else", read her tattoo.

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