Jacaranda Mauve Alleys… of Sicily and Damascus


This very photo I took when we were in the car, in Sicily, on the way to Giardini Naxos.

It was June 2015.

Time flies, my dearest, time flies.

… and I have had no idea, these are from Damascus.

The following two photos are from the Tishreen Garden, Damascus, according to Facebook Media Source.


Mentally, I didn’t know.

Physically, I haven’t been here, in Sicily, before.

Soulfully, I had told the Gentleman by the Strait: "let us go to Sicily".

Just like that: out of the rose dew.

I mean… this topsy-turvy-minded gentleman knew better.

He had known better.

Despite my brain and the system I was in, despite all of life’s joint circumstances, despite everything and logic itself, he had wanted me to see Sicily. A birthday present to me and for me.

It was so great a vacation!

I must thank him for this…

More than 5 years have passed, and the beauty of the moment lingers.

A man of vision himself.

Can I blow a gentle kiss in the air to that brilliant brain of yours?

Or was it, your heart!

The feeling-memory endures.

Thank you so very much.

I have never gotten to thank you, properly, except for that last what's up petaly message.


The roses of liaison are, right over here, with me, in the here and now.

I have counted them, and they are more than 11.

Now you tell me, my dearest, am I blessed or not?


... as for my nails, they are still broken, and yet, I am happy:

A good medicine has found me by now, and, I am sticking to the


Oh... but Damascus, when I have got you, I have got Love!

And I trust — Love shall heal it all.

My nails included!


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