Agent 07 or The White Dove

white dove

Wings to be

Wings to celebrate

Wings to fly on a brand new journey,

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07 Agent -- the White Dove

I dedicate this photograph to my parents.

They got married today, the 9th of June, 49 years ago.

Yes, my dearest.

49 years of togetherness, companionship, partnership, parenting, lovely parties and wonderful time: the High Life, struck by severe crisis and struggle...

49 years of enduring love.

My life has had me accustomed to the miracles of June.

There must be something about the month of June... the breeze of magic, perhaps?

And my parents are going to the hospital tomorrow.

As of yesterday, Baba (dad) has been needing blood transfusions to increase the level of hemoglobin in his body, following his routine blood tests.

Tomorrow it's the third day in a row.

And, they are together, in their oneness...

That's beautiful, my dearest.

That's very beautiful!



And YES! I love doves, I do.

I am envisaging a Dove framed photo painting collection, already... a colourful one... and a white one. Each, with its unique exquisite story.

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