Fundraiser for My Birthday via QR Code @11:11:11


Where are you — my dearest?

How have you been?

I hope my message finds you well: in good health and in high spirits.


I am right over here, celebrating 40 years of life.

40 is the new 40, my dearest!

And I feel better than I did in my 30s.

Much better than  I did in my 20s.

Yes, my skin looks 30 something, my behind — covers a certain space on my body map — still, and my spirits and my morale are higher and better than ever.

And in celebration of the moment, I have created a fundraiser with the World Food Programme via Facebook.

Drop a rose of humanity, drop a rose...

You can get easy access to the link by scanning the "QR code" below:

If you haven't got the QR code reader, all you have to do is download it or access the website for a drop-on.




Drop it like it's humanity, drop it like it's ... m-a-g-i-c

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