Coffee Comes First, Pizza Doesn’t!


"Your grandmothers' prayers are still protecting you."

— Lalah Delia

Mamaie Eugenia, my dearest grannie,

Coffee comes first… vibration speaks volumes… the moment foretells the story… the moment!

Not what they might be imagining over or about the moment…

Coffee … @half way.

I must hear what is being unsaid.

I have the coffee, connect to the moment and feel the story of the moment.

Not what he says… but what the moment says of his energy, of his “I am”.

Not the messages he sends over and through, but the moment. What the moment has to say …

And my reply to the message on the sidewalk: and I am bored of the “tabouleh interrogation”, very much bored — of the old game.

And I am foreseeing coffee and a conversation.

Moreover, an unlocking of the stagnant status is very much welcome… ba’a!


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