The Beaming Lilies


This morning I woke up from a dream.


The dream was sprinkled with rose dew.

There were other happenings, as well.

Only this time I couldn’t ...

I couldn’t remember anything.

And, as I looked up, these colourful lilies smiled at me.

I smiled back.

Flowers have their unique way of bidding us good morning.

Flowers are a natural beauty.

And natural beauty bears nature’s highest of vibrations.

Life, sun, a beam of hope, rays of light.

Rainbows, smiles, colours and ink.

Are — flowers, to me.

Flowers are so beautiful an oasis.

Flowers are amazing gardens.

And I… flow with their tempo and colours.

Hopefully, this sunny summer of 2022 shall wear the

wavy skirts of colourful lilies fluttering away beautiful

stories to remember.

By God, flowers give away exquisite ink to write with.

Provided they are watered,



and —

by all means,



What of you, my dearest?

What flowers are you watering this summer?

How do their colours feel and how do they beam at you?


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