UnTold — the Music Festival, the Rose of India and the Festival of Friendship For Me

“Meeting you is itself a great gift.”

UnTold — the Music Festival and the Festival of Soulful Friendship For Me

Untold… are the stories of this summer.

This Summer is so intense and dense, already, that I can barely keep up with its story tempo.

There are so many thoughts that I’d like to share with you.

So many petals of happenings… and time!

Time urges me to choose the essence of what matters.

Not a simple matter. Rather, the very essence of it.

There is no time left for anything else, my dearest, but for the essence.



I am not promoting the music festival Untold, Romania's largest and best-known music festival.

You should know by now that the Garden of Roses is host to a variety of roses, in my life.

Alongside you, my dearest, there is Rosebud of Damascus, the Painter of Words, Fares of my childhood, Starry Soul, (…) the Lady with a Sunshine Smile, Lady Curly Rumana … (…) as well as "my" dear, kind, funny, and spiritual Rose of India.

My dear friend is into music.

He says: “music is my life”.

He’s a(n event) producer.

In our Garden of Roses, we couldn’t be any different, in style, personalities, and at times, even preoccupations.

What does unite us despite interracial, inter-religious, and age differences?

The heart
The soul
A sense of spirituality
A state of consciousness far above the average level
The mind — beautiful minds
In a way, more or less, we are all concept creators
The sense of humour
And very importantly, the silky sense of humanity that bonds us, as One!

My dear friend was supposed to come last year to the "Untold" festival, Romania’s largest and most important music festival.

As such, he had booked his flight and bought the ticket to  "Untold", the music festival.

Guess what happened?

The Romanian ambassador and the council, husband to Her Excellence the Ambassador of Romania to India, last year, were out of reach.

They were “on leave” due to the pandemic all through summer, perhaps?

Anyway: No visa granted, no traveling to Bucharest, no friendly encounter.

Hence, we talked via a video call.

Thankfully the organisers of the event had had to keep the validity of the ticket for this year.

"I look forward to seeing you, my dear friend.

I look forward to seeing you."


This summer is magical.

And I look forward to swimming …

I miss swimming!

And I was telling my dear friend that I was going to buy him a souvenir/ gift. So I asked: would you fancy... this or this?

He’s always thoughtful, like that.

Whenever he drops by, he fetches a "handful" of India’s magical spices, from India to Bucharest.

I was brainstorming the gift idea… when he simply went and gave away the below memorable eternal response:

“Meeting you is itself a great gift.”

Oh, boy!
I’ll be diving into this lingering pool of magic, this weekend.
The heart spoke out magical words of so beautiful a
feeling: Soulful Friendship





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