Baba, Me and the Pigeon… Un, deux, trois, to the Barber’s Shop

"Baba, do you see the pigeon, he is walking with us, he is right in front of us.
Baba, look! Look how is walking us through!"

Father smiles.

And as always his eyes beam with delight.

Father feels.

Whatever of an artistic sense I have got, I must have gotten it from him, his mum — tete, and Mamaie Eugenia, sweetest grannie.

Whatever sense of a feeling, I have gotten it, mainly and especially, from him.

I was blessed and happy to offer baba my arm and we walked side by side, to the barber’s shop.

And the warmth of his heart sprang from his arm.

By God, the vibrant warmth this gentleman of my dad gives away… is one in a million.

His wife, Madame, is so very lucky to have felt my dearest dad.

Couldn't help it, had to say it.

And, como se dice?

The greatest blessing of my life is that the universe loves me.

Even when, or perhaps, especially when walking with dad, arm in arm, to the barber’s shop… pigeons accompany us.

Pigeons love me, they do.

And when accompanied by Baba Abusamra, they simply jump with love, whenever we both take a step.

You should have seen the pigeon both flying and jumping his way, through tiny jumps, in front of us.

You should have felt the moment.

Today, while walking with baba to the barber’s shop pigeons opened the way.

And, when pigeons guide the way, for you, my dearest, you know, 100%, that you are Divinely Protected!

And, that — gives you the Limitless Sense of Peacefulness, Love, and Empowerment.


Photo storytelling concept and copyright: Me.

From the "Postcards of Bucharest" Series: it was the Summer of 2022.


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