Rays of Light

Rays of Light

Rays of Light


I can see through… the rays of light

A divine message

Only, I myself too, am a hypersensitive natural empath.

I can give all those who reach out to me …

petals of unconditional love and humanity.

When it comes to my womanity … careful I must be.

I go on tiptoes. For… I have always wished for a family, of mine.

Bounce… I bounce onto the drops of light,

back and forth,


and now,


"You have my support.

I hear your prayers.

All the roses are taken care of"

whispered the Breeze —

Herself, the Queen of Roses!


I got the message, beforehand.

It is amongst the visions, I see, on the list.

Let us see, altogether, what is God’s message.

It’s here already, I hear.

The veil is very thin and so is … the ray of light!

The letters read...

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